Some executives working for these extremely profitable tech companies are feted for their acts of philanthropic generosity. But why don’t they do more to stop crime on their platforms, as well as paying their fair share of taxes, which would allow the government to hire more police officers?

How venal do these rapacious companies have to be before we act?

Mike Barton is chief constable of Durham Constabulary

A Chief Constable is complaining that people obey the tax laws?

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  1. Just when I think my contempt for our police farce has reached as low as it can go, they go just that little bit further. It’s quite remarkable.

  2. I think a lot of people think in the same way as Richie and believe that tax avoidance should be illegal.

  3. Tom that’s the point – tax avoidance means by definition obeying the letter of the law.

    Salamander is quite rightly pointing out that these twats want to make obeying the law illegal.

  4. They way I once had to describe this attitude to someone is that people think tax avoidance is morally illegal and therefore shoul not be allowed.

    I think that the left want a special law where if there is enough outrage over an issue then a legal activity would then become illegal. In other words, mob rule. What could possibly go wrong…..

  5. Fortunate he’s being quoted in the Times. And not another publication that’s built on tax avoidance & platforms incitements to violence & miscellaneous other criminal acts in its comments sections.

  6. What they must mean is that they want existing tax law ripped up so that they can get more serious about the appropriation of other people’s stuff?

  7. So we have a policeman who wants to become a tax inspector alongside Wiltshire Police who want to be twitter censors. Why can’t they just do their jobs?

  8. Bloke in North Dorset

    “They invented these platforms and they run these platforms. Advertising revenue is the main reason for their enormous profits and yet they hide behind legislation that was written before the internet to say they are not publishers.” (my emphasis)

    Politicians don’t legislate in the way I like so I’m going to take it out on law abiding companies. As Julia says, these fuckers can’t get any lower.

  9. But why don’t they do more to stop crime on their platforms,

    Probably because no sane person thinks any crime is being committed and the servers – thank fuck – are not stored in Durham.

  10. Truth is he bitterly resents the tax he’s paying on his well-padded chief constable’s salary, and thinks everyone but him is somehow managing to dodge it.

  11. The problem here is that the police have become the enforcers of petty tyrannies and the protectors of those who are our enemies.

    If anything, their numbers should be cut until they are forced to focus on catching criminals and murders rather than buggering about twittering about “We’ll get you bastards” to people who validly claim about gypo’s ruining the cricket pitch or Muslims blowing children up at pop concerts.

    Wiltshire Police being a case in point:

  12. The great thing about being a politician while doing some other job (pop star, chief Constable) is that you don’t have to do all the tedious stuff like get elected or face questions. It’s the way forward.

    I don’t see how it would even be possible to make tax avoidance illegal?

    Quite easy. You draft a really vague law which catches everyone and then you can make political decisions about who the criminals are.

  13. Bloke in North Dorset


    And complain like fuck about judges making laws when thy point out the legislation is crap and that laws haven’t been broken.

  14. If Dixon of Durham Constabulary wants more officers he can put up the police precept in Durham. Significantly too, if he asks locals first.

  15. This copper needs to be sacked sans compo and his pension confiscated.

    The BluBottle hierarchy now seem to think that they are media figures of some sort.

    Apart from asking the public for help as the bastards sometimes still do– despite the snoop state we live in –ANY pronouncements on ANY topic to public media by top cloppers needs to be made gross misconduct and a sackable ( sans compo/pension) offence.

    We have coppers gloating in the media about the results of trials–which in some (perhaps many) cases will be cop fit-ups anyway. We have coppers issuing orders to seemingly the entire planet in the manner of the Wiltshire mob. We have had then veering dangerously close to politicking with comments on police “cuts”.

    We haven’t yet had a top British copper condemning Trump but it is only a matter of time.

    Rein-in mouthy cops–now.

  16. perhaps he should look within his own force for additional tax. many years ago(prior to Self Assessment) i worked for the tax office dealing with the tax affairs of our local police force. the amount of policemen who failed to declare sources of income or claimed expenses for which they were not due was staggeringly high. Any challenge was met by total arrogance and often the phrase – do you know who i am ? Second biggest bunch of tossers (teachers being no. 1) tax wise.

  17. I’m sure the Durham force’s twitter feed will be packed with useless money wasting ‘initiatives’ carried out by them in the past year. Look for extra money there, comrade.

  18. “the amount of policemen who failed to declare sources of income or claimed expenses for which they were not due was staggeringly high”

    A large number live in council houses and go boating at weekends. These are 20 year constables and sergeants.

  19. “Why can’t they just do their jobs?”

    Could be asked about the national government. Protecting life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness would be a nice goal. Transgender sensitivity classes in the military doesn’t work toward that goal.

    But, Diogenes, their job has morphed. People call the police about everything. The police never say, “Sorry, Ma’am, that’s not our job.” Forces could be reduced substantially if they just learned how to say, “No.”

  20. I’ve always been a bit skeptical about the Common Purpose conspiracy theory, but this type of left wing, big state MOAR TAXES drivel is now so commonplace and so uniform from NGOs, charities, state employees and so on that I’m coming round to the idea

  21. Gamecock,

    If something is in the too hard box, the cops will happily claim “that’s a civil matter, Ma’am”, we can’t help you. And, of course, FGM, rape of minors by Pakistani gangs and Islamic homophobia are things the police have no interest in.

  22. The Meissen Bison

    This fellow needs to be carpeted by his force’s service’s police & crime commissioner or, better still, given the boot à la Ecksy.

    That’s always assuming that the commissioner isn’t part of the apparat himself.

    Also, police budgets should be cut further until there is sufficient funding only for policing and none for tokenism, virtue signalling and going off piste.

  23. Where can one make a complaint about a public servant who is supposed to be neutrally upholding the law as defined by Parliament getting involved in such naked politicking? Surely this must be covered by some sort of code of conduct for public servants? People have been sacked from public service for merely expressing a private view on gay marriage or the like, how does this guy get to spout publicly about political matters with impunity?

  24. “How venal do these rapacious companies have to be before we act?”

    They have to actually break an actual law. Actually.

  25. If fair share of tax is say £25k per person, is this officer paying their own fair share of tax?
    Or do they expect other people to pay more than their fair share?

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