Yes, gone mad

The Ruderman Family Foundation, a leading disability rights group, has come out against the new film Blind, starring Alec Baldwin, in which the actor plays a novelist who loses his sight in a car crash.

The organization, which frequently advocates for the casting of disabled actors and has conducted many studies documenting the lack of opportunity for disabled actors in film, released a statement on Wednesday condemning the movie (directed by Michael Mailer), which co-stars Demi Moore as the wife of an indicted businessman who cares for Baldwin’s character as part of a plea bargain.

“Alec Baldwin in Blind is just the latest example of treating disability as a costume,” said Jay Ruderman, the foundation’s president. “We no longer find it acceptable for white actors to portray black characters. Disability as a costume needs to also become universally unacceptable.”

Only hunchbacks can play Dickie III.

26 thoughts on “Yes, gone mad”

  1. We should cast schizophrenics for Henry VI?
    Pschopaths for WW2 movies?
    Ban Keith Richards for playing the Blues?
    Only surgeons with a heart condition can do heart surgery?
    The list could be endless.

  2. My first response was,”It’s called acting darling”.

    My second is to wonder it we could extend that to political opinion since there seems to be discrimination against right wing actors. Only a Tory woman could play Maggie Thatcher, no socialist can do Churchill. Might improve the sympathy to the characters. In murder mysteries on TV if there is a Tory on screen you know they done it.

  3. I’m surprised they’re not moaning about the name of the movie. Surely they should be demanding that it’s retitled as “Visually Impaired “.

  4. It’s disgusting that when Patrick Swayze stared in Ghost he was still alive.


    It’s the Golden Rule of any foundation – it will be completely taken over by extremists within x years.

  5. Can you imagine if Richard Pryor and Gene Wilder’s parts in See No Evil, Hear No Evil had gone to actors who were actually blind and deaf? I mean, it’s not terribly funny as it is but that would just be excruciating. I’d be genuinely concerned every time one of them fell down (well, the blind one specifically.)

  6. Only a legless actor could have played Douglas Bader in ‘Reach for the Sky’. (Kenneth More managed it without having his legs amputated.)

  7. Mark Poles


    Think every TV show / film that has “bad” guys – is the prison population up to it.

    “Mad” is far too polite.

  8. Oh look, a call for attention from an obscure organistion we’ve never heard about before…

    I take it they also provide the risk assessments required for having a blind actor on a film set (there’s a surprising amount of trip hazards around), and pay the increased insurance premiums (I believe filming insurance is dependent on the risk assessments). Otherwise what good are they doing – just mouthing off is hardly useful, so unless they have concrete actions to support their causes we can safely regard them as useless.

  9. They should fucking seize Daniel Day Lewis’s My Left Foot Oscar and haul him before the People’s Truth and Reconciliation Tribunal so that he can denounce himself.

  10. I think wanting to be an actor is evidence of mental illness*.

    If that is the case (and I don’t think it’s unreasonable), then all disabled characters in films are being played by the disabled anyway.

    *As evidence: I bumped in to Tom Hardy at a thing the other week. He’s bananas. And short.

  11. “In a gesture of goodwill towards the Blind community special screenings were arranged by the studio free of charge”

  12. I bumped into Simon Callow at a party last night. He’s also short and mad. He also fucking jumped a long queue to get into the venue, but when I took the piss out of him for it he did at least have the grace to laugh.

  13. The problem here is too much ‘reality TV’ – we now have a large sector of the population who cannot tell the difference between a ‘screen play’ and ‘reality TV’, nor people being themselves and people pretending to be somebody else.

    The Only Way Is Idiot.

  14. re: DevonChap
    One of the joke about movie making is with The Marathon Man. Dustin Hoffman stay up to play a scene where he’s been up for 3 days without sleep. So Hoffman, the method actor decided to do the same thing to simulate this fatigued state. Laurence Olivier allegedly told him that he could just try acting instead.

  15. Right, Dongguan John.

    The most disenfranchised group of all . . . the dead. Only the dead should be able to play the dead on stage.

    At least the Democrats let them vote.

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