Yes, we know Professor

There are good economists in the world but most of them aren’t working in university economics departments

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  1. What’s that about those who can do and those who can’t teach? Those who can’t teach pontificate.

  2. Bloke in North Dorset

    And this is complete bollox and show’s the insular world in which he live:

    “And third, all this is done to hide the total subjectivity of the profession as it is at present, which is very largely dedicated to the preservation of the economic and political status quo.”

    I listen to loads of podcasts which are discussions with economists who are doing some really interesting and objective stuff using real world data. Just yesterday I was listening to an excellent discussion:

    “My guest for this episode is Ekaterina Jardim of the University of Washington. Ekaterina is one of the authors of the new minimum wage study that has been making headlines recently, “Minimum Wage Increases, Wages, and Low-Wage Employment: Evidence from Seattle.” One reason this study is so interesting is that it was funded by the City of Seattle, which is something that governments aren’t obligated or expected to do when they enact major policy changes like these minimum wage hikes.”

    There’s loads more like this if you are curious and prepared to go looking for it.

  3. Amusingly, the City cut off that funding when they didn’t like the results coming out. Their Trotskyist (no, really) council member stamped her tiny feet over it.

  4. Tim,

    Did you know Seattle’s trot (Democratic Alternative, part of the CWI, which is a sister organisation to our own Socialist Party, formerly Militant) Kshama Sawant is a former economics PhD and had taught at US colleges?

    I was surprised too.

  5. Yes, I did know that. And I was indeed surprised.

    Worth noting that they were very junior and very temporary positions.

  6. Bloke in North Dorset


    They must have some funding from elsewhere because she talks about the work being ongoing.

    Anyway, my point was that it really annoys me that blowhards like Murphy who have access to influence policy try to tar everyone with the brush that is used to tar him. If he didn’t have access I wouldn’t care.

    So keep up the good work, Tim.

  7. Bloke in North Dorset

    Thinking about it a bit more, it also shows there’s still a lot of researchers out there with integrity. They didn’t torture the data to give the client the answer they were looking for.

    I’m even more impressed than I was when I finished listening.

  8. “They didn’t torture the data to give the client the answer they were looking for.”

    Murphy doesn’t torture the data.

    He murders it, burns the corpse and buries the ashes.

  9. I am setting up a shoot with the political economy department of City University. Does anyone want to help with the script or production? I am currently finding finding it difficult to recruit fluffers

  10. AndrewC, the Great Diktater doesn’t even do that. He fails to acknowledge the data even exists and when presented with the data just dismisses it as neoliberal sophistry.

  11. I’ve reached peak Dicky Tater. I no longer find his vanity and pretensions amusing. He’s just a hateful turd – granted, a hateful turd that needs to be exposed as a hateful turd and as an ignorant charlatan. That said, Tim, keep up the good work!

  12. Rocco

    I imagine Ivan Horrocks or Carol Wilcox might be happy to act as fluffers for Murphy given they seem to be happy to spend long periods inspecting his stools.

    You might also need some chemical assistance and external stimulation, such as a copy of a huge tax assessment.

  13. @AndrewC “Murphy doesn’t torture the data.” DATA – we don’t need no steenking data! You must realise by now he makes up most of his stuff whilst sitting on the bog.

  14. Henry.

    Those who can’t teach teach teachers.
    Those who can’t teach teachers become Ofsted inspectors.

  15. There are good economists in the world but most of them aren’t working in university economics departments

    Especially at Trot Poly.

  16. Was watching Inherit the Wind recently the section where spencer tracy accuses the other lawyer of refusing to accept other world views and that there were no such thing to him as un-Brady thoughts made me think of Murphy and his attitude.

  17. Dennis

    It was tea in my case but ditto!

    I would say the one caveat is to question the presumption that he even bothers to put forward any data beyond absurd Venn Diagrams or blind assertion…

  18. Bloke in Costa Rica

    I actually imagine him in his shed typing his nonsense one-handed. That particular passage up there must have been accompanied by the vinegar strokes.

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