Ain’t conservatism grand?

Allow me to introduce you to an intensely conservative body – the Trussell Trust and the network of food banks around the land. They certainly don’t sound very conservative, given their incessant clamour that government must do something. But they are – and in the very best possible manner.

11 thoughts on “Ain’t conservatism grand?”

  1. My lefty friends often cite the growth of food banks as an indication of increasing poverty. But if this were true, we could reduce poverty by closing them, couldn’t we?

  2. Conservatism = the little platoons.

    Socialism = vast, conquering army.

    The Left does not like the little platoons sorting things out for themselves because that leaves the Comrades with nothing to control from the centre and thus quite useless and not needed – Gasp!

  3. Your argument is a load of shit.

    Food banks only exist because people can’t afford to eat.

    That isn’t a victory for anyone.

    It is a purely malicious mind set that you think that it’s wonderful that voluntary groups are feeding the poor. Nothing to see here.

    But then you wouldn’t have the faintest idea about being poor and having to beg for food. Which is all it is. People begging. And your proud about that.

  4. Not ebing able to afford to eat is a new problem is it? Rather than one that’s been with us forever? So, why wouldn’t we celebrate it being solved,even if only in part?

  5. I’m starting to think you aren’t actually Jesus.

    Your spelling and grammar isn’t good enough, for one.

    I’ll leave the irony of Jesus complaining about individual, Christian, efforts to feed the poor to someone else to point out.

    Someone with some bread and fishes, possibly.

  6. Food banks were around in the 70s and 80s, never mind now.
    A major portion of those using food banks do so because their benefit is reduced or delayed.
    Governments so far have failed to reform the benefits system in such a way as to prevent people going hungry.

    Food banks under the Trussell franchise give 3 days food up to 3 times in a year.
    The average useage is twice.

    So 6 days food. How much money is 6 days food worth? £30? £40?
    That’s the difference they are making on average. Per year.

    Getting the government and employers to give an extra £1 a week net money per person would solve the problem. Except where its benefits system that is the problem.

    The foodbank sticking plaster is a poor solution but is something that can generate substantial public support.

    I have been offered food vouchers multiple times simply for looking disabled (I am disabled so looking disabled isn’t a problem).

  7. @ JC
    So the global top 1% are helping feed the global top 5%. We could of course say the luckiest top 1% of men who have ever lived are redistributing their food amongst themselves. hmm so what.

    These ‘poor’ you are talking about have free fresh water, effectively free heat etc. and so far they are not raiding my dustbin or the local common for food. While in fact many of them do have a from of malnutrition, yes it is called Obesity!

  8. Yeah, John Square. Have a biscuit. A your/you’re fail.

    “…efforts to feed the poor to someone else to point out..”

    You obviously believe you are superior.

    Tim. It’s not solved. Food banks make the situation worse because folk like you think that rolling them out is all that needs to happen, and so the issue is conveniently kicked further down the line.

  9. TW

    “But this doesn’t pass the laugh test for anyone rich in maturity.”

    What perfect phrasing!

    And true.

  10. i reckon it’s these food banks that are responsible for the extra 300 calories a day everyone is eating. Close ’em down I say.

  11. Jesus=Meiac=Fucking nutcase.

    He probably does use food banks to supplement whatever we pay him for being a mental case. And he also likely knows that they mostly exist to cover gaps in handout cheques due to the bungling socialistic incompetence of the state. And provide freeloaders extra-spending cash for drugs/booze that they don’t have to spend on food.

    And provide pseudo-stats for lying leftist scum about the rising poverty of society. Which is mostly the result of statism and socialism and their consequences in the first place.

    Take it easy Meiac. Don’t nod off or pass out while gargling with that meths bottle still upraised. Then you’ll likely meet Jesus and he won’t be to rapt with you pissing on his good name.

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