Ain’t the free market great?

We do not need a film about Brexit. Nobody needs a film about Brexit. If you want to see a film about Brexit, I can recommend a perfectly good workaround that involves finding a VHS copy of Threads and fast-forwarding it to two seconds after the bomb goes off. Any more than that and you are just wasting your time.

And yet, here we are. There is probably going to be a film about Brexit, or a big-budget TV show at the very least. Worse, it’s going to be about winning the Brexit vote. Worse, it’s going to be based on the self-congratulatory insider book The Bad Boys of Brexit: Tales of Mischief, Mayhem & Guerrilla Warfare in the EU Referendum Campaign. Worse, it’s thought that Nigel Farage is going to be an executive producer on the project. So, essentially, we are about to see an official Farage biopic about Farage’s “greatest victory” that’s been made by Farage himself. And you thought we had already suffered enough.

People get to spend their own money as they wish then fin out whether anyone likes the product.

Compare and contrast that with a system in which the state bureaucracy gets to decide who does what.

11 thoughts on “Ain’t the free market great?”

  1. The author of the trash article is called Stuart Heritage.

    And he is still a scummy traitor.

    Payoff for Project Fear is still due on the remainiac scum.

    Watching any such film 500 times–under the gun with the triggermen just waiting for any sign of dissent or disapproval–while being obliged to cheer and clap at the appropriate moments of patriotic triumph will serve as an excellent reward for those who have been pleased to promote foreign tyranny.

    And of course a true soviet style standing , rapturous ovation at the end of each performance. Driven–also in true socialist style–by the fear of what might happen to he or she (lets not be sexist) who stops clapping and cheering first.

  2. Stuart Heritage (13¾) is apparently unaware that he is under no obligation to visit any particular cinema or pay to watch any particular film. His teachers have done a fine job on his brainlet.

  3. Nigel should apply for Arts Council funding (or whichever state body funds films these days), just for laughs.

  4. We’ve already had a film called Brexit-The Movie directed by Martin Durkin which came out in May 2016.
    Quite good imv, but hard brexiteers like to pretend it doesn’t exist as its arguments made heavy use of Switzerland ( that non-EU place that still has free movement and deals that suit that resemble being in the EEA ).

  5. Why not get together with Mr Ivory’s unfunded project and do a Shakespeare setting in the modern age? Opera companies do it all the time.

    Henry V doesn’t work though. I’d suggest the Comedy of errors, or perhaps Much ado about nothing.

    Work on the sequel, Taming of the shrew, should start ASAP as well.

  6. Anyway, I am struck by the sheer inanity of these people’s lives, the relentless seething hatred over the tiniest things: a film about Brexit (er, so what?); I’m black, I went to Oxford and I’m still mad as hell about something or other; free tampons NOW!

    The grumbling, whining world of the most prosperous demographic in human history, the modern Western middle class.

    For fuck’s sake, get a life.

  7. Compare and contrast that with a system in which the state bureaucracy gets to decide who does what. Compare and contrast that with a system in which the media get to decide who likes what.

  8. Bloke in North Dorset

    “Stuart Heritage writes about film, TV and music for the Guardian”

    As a film critic Stuart should wait until the film has been made and then comment on its quality and leave the politics to the adults.

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