As we’ve said it before, they do have it, don’t they?

8 thoughts on “As we’ve said it before, they do have it, don’t they?”

  1. Responsible for some of the finest songs ever written or recorded. They have it all: wit, soul, melancholy, charm.

  2. ‘Mericans don’t have accents. Everyone else does, though.

    And as far as singing wogs talking like ‘Mericans, that usually happens a few years after they’ve fled to California as tax refugees.

  3. They have it all; including the flip top heads.

    Unfortunately, once someone pointed that out, that was all I could see, regardless of anything else. YMMV, of course.

  4. Have just actually watched the clip – was that The Tube? If so, pretty brave from the twins – I was waiting for the stony silence at the end with puzzled looks of WTF?…

  5. It’s all a matter of taste, The Proclaimers come on my car radio and my left hand instinctively reaches out and changes the station.

  6. I work with a small person (dwarf) who is a secretary and who has a son also dwarf the father being one of the Proclaimers, Not sure but I think it is Charlie.

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