Being different for the sake of being different

Labour is to announce a dramatic policy shift by backing continued membership of the EU single market beyond March 2019, when Britain leaves the EU, establishing a clear dividing line with the Tories on Brexit for the first time.

In a move that positions it decisively as the party of “soft Brexit”, Labour will support full participation in the single market and customs union during a lengthy “transitional period” that it believes could last between two and four years after the day of departure, it is to announce on Sunday.

Doesn’t actually change much, does it?

18 thoughts on “Being different for the sake of being different”

  1. It’s a reheated version of the Cameron Option, which received the two fingers of scorn from the Dark Empire and led to the Referendum. It gives Remainers something to orgasm over and prepares the ground for the swapping of continued membership of the EU in return for Brussels fudging the rules enough to allow Jezza to renationalise various bits and pieces. What a Cunning Plan, worthy of Baldrick in his most barmy moments.

  2. Can anyone see 28 countries agreeing to that?
    I cannot – particularly seeing as we were one of those 28 and we had Labour voting in favour of Brexit in the commons.
    Why did they not make this kind of amendment to the vote back then?

  3. It is an attempt to grab Remainiac scum like NewRemainiac –while still trying to hang on to the Brexiteer “my Dad voted Labour” people. Who despite being working class and therefore thick (in the eyes of middle-class Trot twats like Jezza and gang) can spot an obvious sell-out when they see one.

    ZaNu’s chances of being voted in have just taken a sharp knock from this bit of stupidity.

    The question of interest is : Is a toffee-nosed twat and traitor like NewRemainiac a big enough traitor to put Mr “Here-comes-Venezuela” within range of sticking his dirty fingernails into NewRemainiac’s prosperous middle-class hide in exchange for a sellout to the EU.

    Over to you , you face-painting puke.

  4. Tim

    I know and appreciate that you have a light touch when it comes to moderation, but should we really be exposed to such an ecstatic encomium — almost a love-letter, even a proposal of matrimony — from Mr Ecks to Newmania?

  5. Politics is a sex thing for you is it Tommy?

    No one can have antipathy of any sort for either individual or institutional evil without that concealing some sort of sexual urge?

    Some one in your world who doesn’t like –say– custard then that means he/she really has an urge to do something sexual with it?

    You must have grown up somewhere very strange Tom.

  6. Thomas Fuller: My apologies.

    I took it as an attack and responded accordingly.

    My sense of humour has little left in it these days save sarcasm and counter-attack. Little more can be expected living in an age of treason, betrayal and the glorification of leftist evil.

  7. A ‘lengthy transitional period’ is code for keeping tbe UK in the EU long enough for the Referendum result to be safely ignored. Whenever we leave, there will be a cliff edge, as government and exporters will take any postponement as an opportunity to dither.

  8. Looks like Continuity Blairite Remain have managed to stick the knife into Corbyn. One of the main reasons Labour did so well in the GE this year was the ex-UKIP vote went decisively for Labour, safe in the knowledge that Brexit was a done deal. Tell them that Labour now stand for continued Eastern European immigration and basically not leaving any of the bits of the EU that make it the EU, and they will up sticks and leave again. The Tories have got lucky, again. The one thing 60+% of the electorate are in favour of doing, leaving the EU, and they’ll be the only party at the next election promising to make it happen (or have made it happen).

  9. I suspect that the Labour leadership want to keep their position as fuzzy as possible. They don’t want to alienate returning UKIP voters, but they also want to keep the pro-EU youth vote on board. And targeted messages on social media will allow them to get away with this, at least for a while.

  10. I don’t make a habit of announcing my agrrent with Ecks, but “twat” and “traitor” sums up rsines precisely.

    And it sums up Labour with its plan for a never ending transition period and never ending sovereignty for the CJEU.

  11. Anything that isn’t a complete exit in one step or 2 via existing template of EEA/EFTA is a chance for pro-EU bureaucrats to make things difficult.

    If Labour had any brains they would have spent the last 12 months shouting from the rafters about expanding port facilities, customs inspection areas, increasing border police & customs employment, fisheries protection vessels, etc. All the things we’ll need eventually regardless of the timing and substance of the final agreement.

  12. The populations of the Isle of Man, Jersey and Guernsey should be encouraged to invade us if Labour ever get in with these sit-on-the-toilet policies

  13. The exact policy is irrelevant to Labour. Their only goal is power, and if they get that all previous policy positions will be unimportant.

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