“It’s just old-fashioned racism, unless people can come up with facts that lead to a prosecution. There’s never a link between the arrival of Gypsy and Travellers and criminality. If it was proven, the police would be on everyone’s cases all the time. The police have the power to move people on,” she said.

That’s a, umm, fairly strong statement there, isn’t it?

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  1. There is no link between the arrival of travellers and crime, it’s true. I have long suspected that locals use them as cover to go on burglary and theft sprees, and after they have left to further smear them by despoiling the area with all their unwanted fridges, litter and excrement. It’s disgusting, when you think of it.

  2. Obviously the travellers are pursued by vicious coincidence wherever they encamp: people looking and sounding like them deliberately smear their reputation by acting violently and criminally! Tell me why our tax money goes to the police if they can’t catch these imposters?

  3. Racism? They’re genetically indistinguishable from the Irish.

    Proof? I’d like to see counter proof. A bunch of travellers arrive in a field, theft doesn’t change, and they take their rubbish with them.

  4. Anyone who expresses a view of this nature disqualifies themselves from commenting on any other statistical truths about ethnic origin* and criminality/education/intelligence.

    Signing a statement affirming the connection between pikies and crime should be a qualification to allow you to vote.

    * And culture- the Gypsy myth that they stole a nail from Christ’s cross, and thus are entitled to steal from whatever they call us outsiders for eternity, has to be one of the most flagrant of all justifications for aggressive applications of ingroup-outgroup morality.

  5. From the article:
    “Why are these people allowed to turn people away because of their accent or ethnicity?”

    Ha! Yeah- that’s it. (Aside- how can living in a caravan be an ethnicity?). I’m not sure I could tell a traveller from a picture, or by their accent (Irish?). I’m pretty sure to be discriminated against on the grounds the ‘advocate’ mentioned would require one to be able to differentiate the ‘victim’ from a crowd.

    I have worked in bars though, and can easily believe a large group of rowdy folk perhaps who are directly intimidating customers would be refused service

  6. Bloke on M4: “Racism? They’re genetically indistinguishable from the Irish.”

    Afraid this isn’t true and is rather unfair to the Irish- they began diverging from the Irish somewhere between 400 years, and a millennium ago.They are now at least as genetically distinct from the Irish as other European ethnic groups

    They also engage in first and second cousin marriage at rates that are almost as bad as or as bad as the Pakistanis (55-75%).

    As groups go, they’re less inbred, foreign, better singers and more honest than gypsies, and they are a lot less violent than many groups HMG is happy to bring in.

  7. It always used to be that a landlord could refuse to serve anyone for any reason. I used to frequent a pub with a magnificently rude landlord who would not serve anyone with tattoos, bar confirmed military personnel, nor any man with an earring.
    One time we were in there and two youths walked in in football shirts, looking a bit weaselly.
    ‘Sorry lads,’ he said. ‘I can’t serve you in football shirts.’
    The following night they reappeared, in shirts.
    ‘Sorry lads,’ he said. ‘I can’t serve you without ties.’
    The following night they reappeared, in shirts and ties.
    ‘Sorry lads,’ he said. ‘I can’t serve you unless there’s three of you.’
    At which point, they got the message.

    It’s time we started to hit back against these wankers. I am investigating crowdfunding to buy houses for unfortunates – I’m going to start with travellers and crackheads, and am looking at properties next door to those currently occupied by Kevin Rawlinson and Patrick Barkham and their families. I may raise further cash once I’ve moved the exotic newcomers in by filming the ensuing hi-jinks, and making a documentary out of it.

  8. I happen to work very close to Wickham, where we have the “pleasure” of the Wickham Horse Fair every year.

    Or, a bunch of pissed, fighting pikeys that close the village down for the period.

    Shops close. Windows get boarded up. I doubt this is done on the off chance of a bad ‘un turning up.

    There are police everywhere. They clearly see a link

  9. Interested,

    So the next night, they turned up with red and black check flannel shirts, peaked caps, chain saws and large axes.

    “I’m sorry lads, I can’t serve you …” began the landlord.

    “Why not,” said on of the lads, “After all, we’re tree fellers!”

  10. I can’t decide whether the second sentence of the quote is hilarious or dim. I’d be prepared to bet £1000 that at least nine out of ten times it’s also untrue.

    I’ve represented numerous pikeys. And a great many people from almost every other racial and cultural group (at least, the criminal ones … not many blokes called Jean Luc or Bjorn), and there is no other group in my experience as marinated in criminality as are the pikeys.

    Didn’t know the thing about the nail on the cross. Thanks for that.

  11. @Darren. Ditto – I live in Hedge End which is not close to Wickham but still not far enough away when the horse fair is on.

  12. In the Guardian:

    “A report released yesterday by HM Inspectorate of Prisons revealed that around 5% of prisoners in England and Wales consider themselves to be Gypsy, Romany or Traveller: the same proportion of the prison estate made up by women prisoners. Given that only 0.1% of respondents to the 2011 census in England and Wales identified themselves as “Gypsy or Irish Traveller”, this is a huge over-representation.”

  13. @Edward Lud.

    I assume you’re a lawyer? As a tax advisor I’ve rarely had a pikey as a client. I expect they handle all their tax compliance and planning themselves.

  14. Oh yes, they’re experts at tax planning. Raid a pikey’s home (they’re all ‘self-employed’) and drown in the business records … cough, splutter.

  15. @Andrew C/Darren-

    I live just up the road from Wickham (about 5 minutes north on the A32), and I know a couple of landlords. They shut up shop for the Wickham event, and everyone else avoids Wickham as far as is possible.

    The landlord’s view is that the revenue isn’t worth the bother- and that’s some statement, knowing how hard pubs have to work to stay afloat.

  16. Edward Lud,

    Didn’t know the thing about the nail on the cross. Thanks for that.

    Will you be using that in mitigation in the future?

  17. They also engage in first and second cousin marriage at rates that are almost as bad as or as bad as the Pakistanis (55-75%).

    Probably why they like visiting Norfolk.

  18. I think (re Wickham) that I’d be inclined to lock the pub, board the windows up… but serve them in the beer garden.

  19. @ Interested;

    The compromise seem to be to open for food only.

    I note that the nearest pub to Wickham town centre to try even that approach is my local- 6 miles away.

  20. “There’s never a link between the arrival of Gypsy and Travellers and criminality. ”

    Genuine lol. At least the Guardian printed that she was a “Traveller advocate”. Even the Guardian couldn’t keep a straight face with that one.

  21. Perhaps the landlord could enforce a card-payment only rule? I can’t imagine most travellers put their money through the banking system, lest it draw the attentions of the tax authorities.

  22. @AndrewM

    I think that it’s illegal to refuse payment in the queens currency.

    Or at least ill-advised, bearing in mind the chap will already have the pint in their hand…

  23. Bloke in North Dorset

    Interested’s joke raises an interesting point. Landlord’s can lose their licence if they serve someone who is intoxicated, so all they have to do is claim they are intoxicated and refuse to serve them. Even the police can’t gainsay the landlord.

    What the would the courts say if someone then brought a case of racial discrimination?

  24. At least the Guardian printed that she was a “Traveller advocate”.

    Candy Sheridan (according to the BBC) is a former Liberal Democrat councillor in North Norfolk and a member of an Irish Traveller family.


    The aforementioned Candy Sheridan, who rose to prominence when she challenged the eviction at Dale Farm, maintains that Gypsy and Traveller women are born entrepreneurs.

    “And we are good saleswomen, remember we have always sold, we would dukker [tell fortunes] around the houses of the settled people and hawk, selling lavender, heather, holly, pegs, paper flowers. I’ve still got my grandmother’s hawking baskets.”

  25. BiND,

    Wouldn’t help the landlord’s case if he said “I refused to serve him cos the pikey bastard was drunk, M’Lud.”

  26. One footnote to the Wickham fair commentsi have just recalled that the local plod advise landlords against opening as they may be unable to respond if it all kicks off.

    Because they are busy.

    Because of the fair.

    And the accompanying requirement to make sure law abiding members of the travellers community… er… well…

  27. On two of my regular travelling routes there are oxbow roads where I usually see a couple of “typical” gypsy caravans and horses parked up. Yesterday I came past one of them and I particularly noticed that one of them was walking up and down with a litter picker gathering litter. An educated guess that he was one of them, he wasn’t wearing a council hi-viz jacket.

  28. “There’s never a link between the arrival of Gypsy and Travellers and criminality.”

    Ok, let’s take a gander at

    Currently we have;

    A rape of a teenaged girl at a bus stop, late on the Friday night. The BBC report includes;

    “Norfolk Police said no other arrests have been made in connection with the attack.
    The force said there was evidence to suggest it could have been linked to trouble in Cromer over the weekend.
    It said there had been a “considerable increase” in the number of calls to the town, with officers been called to incidents of shoplifting and nuisance behaviour.”

    Somebody’s lying.

    I think it might be Candy Sheridan.

  29. I’d recommend keeping an eye on the news coming out of Essex over the next few days; the BBC report mentions that some of the pikies have moved on to Colchester.

    Currently, also home to 2 & 3 Bt Parachute Regiment.

    Patrick Barkham may have some more articles in the pipeline.

  30. Also, travellers used to turn up at Chiseldon every year. There was a spot where house prices were about £10-15k lower

  31. BiND – not a joke, it actually happened. (Albeit that I only saw the first night, I was told about the others.)
    If it’s a well-known joke then the whole thing must have been a set-up designed to make me look stupid on the internet about a decade before the internet was widely available!

  32. BoM4

    ‘Set it up. Sounds like a great wheeze.’

    I can’t actually see a downside. I would pay myself for the sheer pleasure of watching a crew of Islamists move in next door to Owen Jones, say, or a bunch of ras man staggering under the weight of the sound system they were trying to carry in through the door next to Sonia Sodha’s gaff.

    ‘Also, travellers used to turn up at Chiseldon every year. There was a spot where house prices were about £10-15k lower’

    That puts me in mind of a different wheeze. I have my eye on the Old Vicarage two villages away. What if I were to arrange for travellers to move in there a couple of years running?

  33. @Rob

    I nearly missed the sarcasm there. I was about to respond asking exactly what kid of pissed up mob troubles glyndebourne.

    Bayreuth Heavies Vs Wagner Headcases?

  34. The Guardian vs Gypos didn’t work out too well last time-ie MoonBat’s little adventure.

    Lets hope Round Two is equally disastrous for the lads from Kings Place.

  35. That puts me in mind of a different wheeze. I have my eye on the Old Vicarage two villages away. What if I were to arrange for travellers to move in there a couple of years running?

    It would probably work. But how do you get them to leave once you’ve bought the place?

  36. Bloke in Wales in Dorset

    It would probably work. But how do you get them to leave once you’ve bought the place?

    Give them a place next door to a grauniad writer, two counties away.

  37. Bloke in North Dorset

    When I lived Ina village just outside High Wycombe I had a couple of settled genuine travellers living behind me. The old man was a real patriarch of a wider clan.

    When the local council proposed a site for six traveller vans in the village, Labour policy to infuriate Tories, there was all hell to pay. A village meeting was organised at there was about 99% turnout. My traveller neighbours attended and they were just as equally incensed. As far as they were concerned these people who go round claiming to be travellers are giving them a bad name.

  38. “travellers used to turn up at Chiseldon every year.”

    I drive past the traveller site near Chiseldon regularly, they’ve closed off the entrance onto the main road with a large pile of concrete barriers. I was amused to see that they were branded by the manufacturer as ‘PikeMaster’………………..Freudian slip or subliminal marketing?

  39. Bloke on M4: “[Travellers] are genetically as different to Irish settled people as the Spanish.”

    Are we reading the same article? They’re descended from some subset of folks who were in Ireland some time ago, but they are a distinct ethnic group.

    They also are extremely inbred, as that article doesn’t mention- I don’t have access to the relevant study unfortunately, though it probably does get into that.

  40. I once lived on a pikey site, one night I came home and my gas bottle was missing (it was nearly empty so it wasn’t a biggie), I had a whinge and challenged a couple of the kids running round.
    When I came home the next night there were two full gas bottles outside my ‘van.
    Yes to the outsiders they are thieving scrotes but if you are on the inside it is a different world.

  41. It occurs to me that modern mobile phones could save a lot of unnecessary tension.

    Anyone beginning a necessary but unauthorised stay on someone else’s propery could take a series of pictures, and text them to, eg, the local press.

    Then, at the time of departure, one could take and send more pictures.

    A set of ‘before and after’ pictures could definitively resolve any disputes about damage to the land, tipping of rubbish, etc.

    I wonder why they don’t do it?

  42. C J Nerd–Cos the young snot uni-trained leftist pukes who make up the supposed journalists and Editors on most local papers wouldn’t publish them that’s why. More likely to rat you out to the BluPuke as a waycist.

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