Equal but not equal

The situation in Hong Kong and Macau underscores a major flaw in the conventional justice system: by being gender neutral, it is blind to the gender biases that are systemically stacked against women.


14 thoughts on “Equal but not equal”

  1. It seems only men belong in jail not women regardless of the offence.

    Its just obvious when you don’t think about it isn’t it.

    The author is femmi-scum pure and simple. My love of free speech prevents me from advocating that she be jailed for her overwhelming moral turpitude and insolence but if ever a women deserved to be put into a men’s prison the author of this piece of distasteful Marxist ordure is certainly she.

  2. Seems like they want to remove the blindfold from the statue of justice and weigh down one side of her scales. #ladyjusticemustfall

  3. @Devonchap, the statue of justice doesn’t wear a blindfold, at least not the one atop the Old Bailey.

  4. Anyway

    First wave feminists – “You must treat us equally!”
    Second wave feminists – “You must treat us equally!”
    Third wave feminists – “You must treat us differently because we are not like men!”

  5. “at least not the one atop the Old Bailey”

    The one on the Court of Final Appeal in HK does though.

  6. Yenni i worry about you. You need to lead us by the hand and take us step by step. Start with the 80% male prison population then say why if it were changed to take into account of gender it would get back to a more satisfactory 96% male.

  7. @Theo

    That’s less a haircut than the mathematical expression of chaos.

    Did she walk into the salon and demand a Mandelbrot?

  8. Theo,

    The police are now the triage point and can’t cope.

    Depending on the author, the last line of defence for <insert victim of the week> is either police, teachers, GPs, social workers, or the local authority’s five-a-day czar. Never the parents though.

  9. And there’s Ellie-Mae, who looks like she could do with a bath as well as a hairbrush:

    Jesus. You and I have disagreed over France v UK in the past, but you wouldn’t find a Parisian woman going in a newspaper looking like that!

  10. It all depends on whether you want justice or revenge. Some people want the system changed to grant their particular smorgasbord of prejudices, preference over other portmanteaus of prejudice.

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