Err, no

Conor McGregor’s biggest weapon? His lack of boxing experience
The allure of Saturday’s much-hyped fight in Las Vegas is that no one knows what will happen in the ring – not least the overwhelming favorite, Floyd Mayweather

Everyone who knows about boxing is pretty sure what will happen……

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  1. I expect a dramatic first 2/3/4 rounds, where Conor McGregor is all over Floyd Mayweather but can’t land cleanly because FM is such a good defensive boxer. Frustration leading to wilder swings, either he will expose his chin or the rest of the fight will be FM picking a slowly tiring CM off at range to win on points.

    But CM has a lot of power and is a lot younger so he has a puncher’s chance.

    Obviously in a street fight or under UFC rules he would destroy Mayweather.

  2. You’ve got to give credit to McGregor, he’s single-handedly doubled the publicity UFC enjoys in the past 5 years. The fight is absolute nonsense, but this is a circus, not a sport.

    I’m with Interested in what is likely to happen. I’d like to see FM taken down with a kick though. Best DQ ever.

  3. Yup, I think Interested is right, too. Lots of ineffective action early on from the younger, stronger man who then proceeds to get his head boxed off.

  4. Money will draw it out for spectacle purposes.

    The gulf is so huge mcgregor is only going survive one round due to money’s style and mercy

  5. Yeah, also agree with Interested. I have a hunch that it’ll be FM on points, IF (big if mind) CM hasn’t completely run out of puff by that point.

    Also expect to see Mcgregor hitting the ropes wherever possible if he survives the first few rounds.

  6. I don’t blame McGregor for this,he’s entitled to take this big pay day.
    I don’t blame Mayweather. He’s seen boxers being damaged and he owes nothing g to anyone who has’t stood where he has.
    I don’t blame the promoter. His job bis to put on a show that people will pay to watch.
    I do blame the so-called fans. What fucking idiot thinks this is a boxing match and not a WWE-style circus?

  7. Mayweather isn’t a big puncher and McGregor seems to have a decent chin. He’s quick, too. I actually think it’s an interesting fight as long as they take it seriously.

    I used to watch a lot of boxing (and boxed) but I am much more into MMA these days. Worth going to see live.

  8. McGregor is a puffed-up egoman. Not to say he doesn’t have skills but he is far too pleased with himself.

    Hopefully Mayweather will demolish him comprehensively.

  9. If ‘no one knows what is going to happen’ (figuratively) then why is there an ‘overwhelming favorite’?

  10. I’ve never heard of either of these people but Ecksie’s description sounds (barring the ‘skills’) remarkably like someone we all know.

  11. “If ‘no one knows what is going to happen’ (figuratively) then why is there an ‘overwhelming favorite’?”

    Because one fighter is 49-0 and his opponent has never boxed professionally.

  12. There is no question that Floyd will win.

    This is like a world class badminton player playing Federer at Tennis.

    He should get creamed.

  13. Knowing Me, Knowing Steve

    Yarp. Fair play to the pikey for hyping this bout up. His IRL trolling skills are incredible, the guy should go into politics and I’d vote for him.

    Mayweather is going to knock the bejaysus out of him though. This whole thing seems to have been inspired by 90’s satirical boxing movie THE GREAT WHITE HYPE.

  14. I’ll watch because i think CM will hit FM at least once with a big shot and the following 20 seconds will be mighty interesting.

  15. As above, the only smart way to bet is Mayweather, but there are some unknowns. Principally, these are:
    Has Mayweather slowed down? Age catches up with all of us, and when it does it to fighters it does it suddenly.
    Will Mayweather’s arrogance catch him out? McGregor is an arrogant tool, as per Mr Ecks, but so is Floyd, and of the two Floyd will be feeling most comfortable.
    Is McGregor’s engine good enough to keep him pressuring Mayweather for longer than three or four rounds? If it is, can he land a couple of bombs?
    And, finally, is the fix in?
    I would very much like to see them have two fights – boxing and MMA.

  16. @Interested

    Not something within the range of my comprehension, really, but wouldn’t Mayweather be even more mad to take on McGregor at MMA than McGregor has been to take on Mayweather in the ring? “Obviously” (to this uninformed ignoramus) it’s easier to take on an opponent at a subset of one’s skills than a superset, and easier to widen out one’s skills when one is young than when one is old.

    (For some definition of “mad” that becomes perfectly rational once the dollars are factored in. But quite possibly goes back to “mad” again once one also factors in the marginal utility of money, particularly to someone as rich as Mayweather, vs the irrecoverable costs of e.g. cumulative brain damage.)

  17. Why on earth does anyone think there’s any chance at all that McGregor will catch Mayweather? The greatest defensive boxer ever, by a distance, against someone who doesn’t box. 49 professional boxers, about half of whom were world class, have stepped into the ring and tried to land a clean punch on Mayweather. One has made him take a count; another time his gloves touched the canvas, but it wasn’t ruled a knockdown. Both were a very long time ago before Mayweather was the real class act he became.

    McGregor stands no chance of landing a clean punch, never mind getting a knockdown or even a win. The fight will end when Mayweather wants it to end. It’s already over before it’s started.

  18. Rob Moss
    Well i disagree. FM’s been hit with clean punches before but had a good chin, and his ability to clinch or evade allowed him to recover. I believe McGregor will catch him at some point because he’s accurate and fast. When that happens the question is
    1) is FM’s chin still there?
    2) will FM be able to recover? Think McGregor can deny him the easy clinch out but CM can still use his footwork and head movement. That’s the elusive thing about FM – he’ll adapt.
    The other side of it is FM will definitely be catching CM while he tries to set up his shot and could well be stopped by a cut or eye obstruction.

  19. Knowing Me, Knowing Steve

    i think that’s a good analogy — an epeé specialist fighting with sabres

  20. @MBE – absolutely, he would be choked out or submitted fairly easily I’d have thought. Leg kicks would slow him down, too.
    I don’t like McGregor but to be fair to him he is the one prepared potentially to embarrass himself.

    @Rob Moss – I’d say McGregor has a one per cent chance, mostly because Mayweather might share your complacency, but also because he’s quick and he hits like a mule. Puncher’s chance, like I say. But of course people have hit Mayweather, and McGregor may come with odd angles and strange combinations. I don’t know how you would train for him – who do you spar with?

  21. I think McGregor will try to fight dirty in the clinch, push Mayweather around, and try to destroy his mental equilibrium. I also wouldn’t put it past him to do something like use his head or throw a knee on purpose and get a warning, just to try and worry Mayweather. He will also probably try lots of unconventional timing and non standard movement. I expect him either to get KO’d or gas out and look rubbish. Interested is right that he does stand a chance due to unpredictability and strength/power.

  22. I could see McGregor trying to bait Mayweather with unpredictable timing, and Mayweather timing him perfectly and getting and early KO

  23. Bloke in Costa Rica

    Why not even it up a bit and give each of them a 2×4 with some 3″ nails hammered through t? I’d pay to see that.

  24. Interested: “Obviously in a street fight or under UFC rules he would destroy Mayweather”

    Not sure about a street fight because first thing that tends to happen in street altercations is punches being thrown, often pre-emptively, and one person knocked out quite quickly. That kind of scenario would have to favour Mayweather. Usually it isn’t like an mma match.

    In a mma fight or any other kind of 1 vs 1 situation with time and no intervention then agree McGregor would win quite easily, especially if he knew about Mayweathers punching ability.

  25. On the undercard there are 3 baboons armed with knives fighting a giant octopus in a 3ft deep water tank.

  26. Tom – McGregor is younger and Mayweather isn’t a puncher. Anyone can be sucker punched but I’m assuming both men square up and see it coming. CM would leg kick him and/or rush him, head down and take him down I think.

  27. McGregor for the win. I’m reminded of the Calzaghe vs Roy Jones Jnr fight, in that I think Mayweather will tire from age, but McGregor won’t.

  28. Well as it transpired Conor was the one who got tired. So hurrah for 40 year old smaller men! I only heard the commentary, though it sounded like Conor made a good account of himself early on… didn’t seem he connected with anything that hurt mayweather.

  29. McGregor, given the context, did fine. Got some half-decent blows on Floyd in the first few rounds, which is more than a lot of the snobby boxing experts were predicting. Completely ran out of puff by round 6/7. Ref was right with the stoppage – McGregor was seconds away from hitting the mat.

    Mayweather, as usual, made everything look effortless.

    It was more entertaining than the Pacquiao snooze fest.

  30. Dan – i’ve watched the action now, and yeah conor was ok when Floyd wasn’t coming to him. But no big shot got through. McG should have listened to dan hardy who beforehand warned that conor should do just enough to win the first rounds as Floyd scopes him out but ensure he keep some back to preserve energy and save some tricks for when Floyd’s more tired. Anyway ho hum, the world continues to turn.

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