Err, no, not really

Gun-toting president of Turkmenistan goes Commando in state TV footage

There is no part of he video where it is revealed that he is kecks-less.

11 thoughts on “Err, no, not really”

  1. I know you’re not into movies, but Commando is a masterpiece. It somehow manages to be both a great action movie and to be fully aware of the ludicrous nature of action movies.

  2. My favorite Beardymohamedov film is the car racing – pedestrian saloons circling the track ….. and the dear leader emerges from the pit lane on the last lap and takes the chequered flag in his Bugatti Veyron.

    Laurel wreath and champers …. what a guy

  3. Bloke in Swindon:

    My favourite scene is on the plane where Arnold breaks the neck of the thug assigned to guard him, puts a blanket over the bloke and says to the stewardess “Pleas don’ tisturb my frient. Hiss ded tired”–and then jumps of the plane as it takes off.

    Second favourite: Arnold is holding some nasty little crim runt by his ankle over a very high cliff. “Remember Solly ” he says ” how I sed I’d keel yuu last? I lied” and drops the bloke.

    The love interest asks him what happened to Solly . “I led him go” Arnold tells her.

    They don’t make movies like that any more.

  4. I looked at the Guardian article. The president has a gun and can shoot. The Guardian never says what their point is. Are we supposed to nod yes – or no – when we read ‘gun?’

  5. Bloke in Costa Rica

    Commando is the Platonic ideal of Schwarzenegger movies. They should put it in the National Film Registry in the Library of Congress as an example of a film that is “culturally, historically, or aesthetically significant”.

    I can hear the James Horner steel drum soundtrack in my head.

  6. Commando is the Platonic ideal of Schwarzenegger movies.

    You could say Breathless is the Platonic ideal of a Goddard film. That doesn’t change the fact that it sucks.

    With regards to Arnold films, watch the original Terminator and burn the rest.

  7. Bloke in Costa Rica

    Dennis, if I want to watch a movie by some French poofter I will. But I don’t. Commando is ace, with only Predator approaching it in its concentrated essence of Arnie-ness.

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