Firefighters only delay the inevitable

The 18 piglets and two sows survived the fire in Wiltshire in February, which saw 60 tonnes of hay catch fire.

The animals were given a six-month stay of execution when they were rescued from the farm at Milton Lilbourne.
But, having been reared for meat they have since been slaughtered and the sausages were delivered to the fire station team, which barbecued them.

And yes, they were delicious.

I think though it was “some” of the 18 piglets, not all – be a bloody big fire station which could have eaten the lot.

22 thoughts on “Firefighters only delay the inevitable”

  1. It does say sausages. What’s the sausage yield of your average porker? It’s whats left after you’ve butchered off all the saleable cuts. Few kilos of lips & eyelids (tPratchett©) Although British sausages are essentially a bakery product, aren’t they?

  2. You can even buy boxes of frozen pig anuses!!

    The mind boggles (or the stomach heaves?). I presume they go into sausages.

    Truly the hen makes a generous contribution but the piggie is prepared to lay down his life for the full British breakfast.

  3. BiS: What’s the sausage yield of your average porker?

    That’s something of a variable – the great thing about pigs is that any part of the carcase (barring offal) can be made into sausages though it’s a shame for prime cuts like legs and loins to go down this route which if not used fresh can be cured for bacon and hams.

    Your decent British banger needs to be about 25% rusk to avoid becoming dense.

  4. bilbaoboy: You can even buy boxes of frozen pig anuses!!

    I imagine these sell to a specific grouping in the alphanumeric spectrum of sexual orientations who like to slip into something cool.

  5. “Your decent British banger …”
    Fired up the barbie Sunday afternoon for the benefit of the cream of S. American & E. European totty, plus hangers on. Enthusiastic carnivores, to a woman. Unlike British bints, who seem to survive on very small portions of salad. Chucked a few “decent British bangers” (courtesy of our British supermarket who do some decent stuff) on along with several chickens, great hunks of steak, pig & miscellaneous other stuff. Apart from a few half sausages left on plates, the lot ended up in the bin. Even the Russians wouldn’t touch them.

  6. Re Andrew Neil / QE tweets… perhaps Brillo is swotting-up as the tuberous one may be putting in another appearance on his show soon. I watch his last appearance when I need cheering up.

  7. So Twatter isn’t solely a communications facility between attention whore morons? Colour me impressed.


    We’re all going to die; all any of us can do is delay the inevitable.

    Meat on barbies: I think burgers work best. Though lobster is not too bad.

  9. “You can even buy boxes of frozen pig anuses!!”

    Yes, you can buy the Liberal Democrat Party – they are for sale. If you want to buy the Labour Party you order pigs’ cnuts.

  10. Boys, boys!

    Sea Bream and Sea Bass come off the BBQ perfect for consumption.

    Steak on the bone cut thick, yummy

    And to prove I am an honest chap:

    Claims they are served as battered calamari should be taken with a pinch of salt….. 🙂

  11. Bloke in Costa Rica

    Bloke in Spain: if your sausages were good quality Lincolnshire or Cumberland then your guests are heathens. They are the ne plus ultra of meat-filled tubes.

  12. Bloke in North Dorset

    Our village shop used to run sausage making courses which were good fun and we made some very tasty sausages.

    The butcher used to do them for hen nights, apparently they were hilarious.

  13. Indeed, both the Cumberland & the Lincolnshire. And the ladies’ expertise on meat filled tubes is unparalleled. But as to their religious conviction…who can say?

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