Hey, once you’ve found your niche stick with it, why not?

I used to adore August in the city when I was single and nocturnally drunk. The breeders would head off and we lone wolves would surrender ourselves to a singlutopia of working hard and playing hard; holding the fort while trashing it. This year, sober and conjoined, well, not so much.

Ms. Betts.

10 thoughts on “Hey, once you’ve found your niche stick with it, why not?”

  1. I wish these people would stop trying to write the New Journalism – it wasn’t any good when it was first tried and nowadays it all reads like a bad pastiche. Not to mention, the sheer self-obsessedness of it.

    She claims to be working 14 hour days – producing this??

  2. Even The Times is publishing Hannah Betts? Good thing there’s a paywall stopping me from wasting my time reading it.

  3. Judging by the contents of the Times’ fashion and style sections, its readership seems to consist of childless middle-aged (and older) women with plenty of disposable income. They must identify with Hannah Betts.

  4. All the newspaper lifestyle comment articles are written by identikit vapid witless fucks, whose output consists of either:

    a) tedious musings on life as a London-based cockwomble
    b) the latest thing ie whatever the PRs have been promoting

    If you get more than one weekend ‘quality’ paper you will notice that they all write about the same shite. The same restaurants come up, the same TV shows, the same designers.

    This is not because they all have their fingers on the same pulse, it is because they are all spoon-fed the same guff and daren’t try to exercise judgement in case their editor says: “Why haven’t we got something on why fisting is the new black? It’s all over the Times and FT Weekend!.”

  5. The difference between men and women is that she used to stop work so early that she could go to a pub and get drunk whereas I used to walk home on Friday evening and crash out (sometimes waking up on Saturday morning in very creased shirt and suit trousers).

  6. Bloke in North Dorset

    I…just….I mean what the actual fucking fuckity fuck!!

    Interested, about that move to the Outer Hebrides….”

    It’s going to get very crowded at this rate, gonna need somewhere bigger. Can’t we sling the fuckwits out and keep England, at least there won’t be a housing shortage.

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