Hmm, no, I don’t think this is how it works

I WILL be the Duchess of Beaufort, says Tracy Ward: Estranged wife of the Duke’s heir reveals couple are still married and talks will go on to negotiate their separation


The Duke of Beaufort’s death this week at the age of 89 has provoked much speculation about who will be the new duchess.
Would she be Tracy Ward, the 58-year-old actress turned environmental campaigner, who’s been estranged from the Duke’s colourful son and heir, the Marquess of Worcester, for the past four years?
Or would she be his mistress, Georgia Powell, 48, the beautiful writer he’s determined to marry?

As far as I know at least this works as with the King. The Duke is dead, long live the Duke. The new Duchess is therefore whoever he is legally married to at that moment.

That is, Ms. Ward is the new Duchess.

Not that it bothers me all that much to be honest. My only connection with that is having poached pheasants off the estate at Badminton. Well, sorta.

At dusk they’ll come out onto the back roads to get a bit of grit for their gizzards. If you were to hit one with a car and then pick it up to take home and eat then that’s poaching. If you hit one with a car and then someone else picks it up to take home and eat that’s roadkill, not poaching.

To eat well you therefore need two cars.

11 thoughts on “Hmm, no, I don’t think this is how it works”

  1. How long have they been apart? If it’s more than five years, bollocks to the negotiations, you don’t need consent to divorce, the other party just gets notified of the fact.

  2. Harry Haddock's Ghost


    Game belongs of the owner of the game rights on the land where it expires.

    Thus, it technically belongs to the highway owner in both cases.

  3. As far as I know at least this works as with the King. The Duke is dead, long live the Duke.

    Not quite. Some bit of feudal court in the House of Lords formally confirms the succession of the peerage, and you’re not technically a peer until it has done so (though it is retroactive to the date of death).

    I’m told it normally takes a week or two.

  4. The Theft Act says that wild animals are property, but a wild animal or its carcass cannot be stolen in law, unless it has entered into somebody’s possession, then it is theft from that person, unless that person subsequently loses or abandons that possession, whereupon it is no longer theft again.

    Individual wild animals may be covered by specific legislation, such as deer and endangered animals.

  5. Do peasants count as wild?

    Depends on the circumstance: hunting them down in cars as they stroll from strip lynchet to hovel will probably make them irate at the very least.

  6. The Pedant-General

    “having poached pheasants”

    Ugh!!! Pheasant should be roasted. Possibly made into a nice game pie, but poached?

    Tim, from a culinary perspective, you are a philistine.

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