Richard Murphy says:
August 3 2017 at 3:40 pm
A knew someone would turn up from Worstall

So he does read here to find out what we’re saying then?

12 thoughts on “How amusing”

  1. I see Murphy really is trying for Vermine via the SNP, by adopting a Scots accent –

    A knew, and not I knew

  2. We should be welcoming of visitors from the TRUK commentators. They’ll find their thoughts get approved straightaway by the free market moderation process ( which is not having one, unless it’s pure illegal filth )

  3. In response to a comment from Bob A Fett

    Maybe he doesn’t need to read it, he just feels your presence.

  4. Hi ‘Professor’ Murphy!

    If you are reading this, I’d like to say that I have found you reliably wrong about most things. Indeed, your ignorance knows no bounds, and you often contradict yourself. You are an arrogant little man with an absurd sense of your own importance. And your policy of deleting any comment you find challenging reveals you as one of nature’s arseholes. Anyway, keep on going: you are an endless source of absurdity, and we enjoy our mirth at your folly.
    Pip, pip!!

  5. Another Hi to the Prof. You’ve banned me, but haven’t yet banned my current Quaker pseudonym. When you’ve managed to do some research and work out which it is (hint: banker, economist and philanthropist), I’ll just have to use another one.

  6. Like rolling up one’s trouser leg, could one perhaps post there using anagrams of Not Tim Worstall as one’s moniker so that we can recognise one another?

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