If only Polly could understand

What happens at the top end of the market knocks on all down the chain – and what’s happening at the bottom is a disaster.

Quite so Polls, quite so.

Therefore if the Candys build more high end housing then that will knock on down the chain, won’t it?

That is, we don’t need to build more affordable housing. We just need to build more housing.

22 thoughts on “If only Polly could understand”

  1. This fuss about empty homes is ridiculous. If the owners were threatened with an empty-home tax, they’d just get a carefully-vetted tenant to occupy one small room on a short-notice contract. It would hardly make a dent in the supply.

  2. We do have people buying larger houses than they otherwise would in the expectation of profiting from the apparently inexorable rise in house prices combined with low mortgage interest rates.
    When this bubble bursts we may well find that large houses no longer sell as well, i.e. we have a surplus of large houses.
    Of course if the planners hadn’t been restricting supply for ages there wouldn’t be a problem.

  3. We have an unaffordable housing shortage. Where’s the swanky Stately Homes going to come from for my great grandchildren to get married in, if people can’t get cracking and build them now.

  4. http://www.standard.co.uk/news/london/shocking-waste-of-7500-council-homes-lying-empty-in-london-a3256401.html

    There are only about 20000 empty homes in London, of which 7500 are council owned. About 4000 were empty because they were awaiting demolition, and these “empty” homes were sometimes occupied temporarily anyway.

    So empty homes are not a big deal. If the population of London is 10m then there must be about 4m homes. So about 0.5% are empty. That’s about 2 days per year. Most rental properties are empty more than that.

  5. Hmmm… the problem is, Tim, that if a 5 million pound house is built instead of 20 flats, say, the effect on the total housing stock is somewhat different. But as you have said before, it’s all down to planning laws

  6. My guess is that the deleted comments on that article fall into two areas:

    1 those dating to mention mass immigration increasing housing demand;
    2 those pointing out Polly has at least two houses.


    If the old manatee could understand she wouldn’t have been hired by the Grauniad.

  8. Councils could always expel illegal occupiers and let the houses to people on their waiting lists. Too radical, I expect.

    They could also expel people who are far too well off to have any legit claim to a council house: trade union leaders and the like.

  9. I will be very interested to see the response from the ambassadors from say, Saudi Arabia or the PRC to attempts to expropriate their citizens/subjects property by the coming Corbynite government

  10. I never understood why, if the government insists on being involved in the housing market, they don’t just build a shed load of houses (let’s assume you’d want to live in them) then dump them on the market to bring about a price crash. But no, the houses have to be run by the council/housing association who will hand pick tenants. Madness.

  11. LPT,
    Because the only thing worse than an under-supply of homes is an over-supply. All political parties know that crashing the housing market is a sure way to lose power.

  12. Pat,

    If there is a genuine surplus of large houses they will be turned into flats, as there’s always a supply of single mothers queueing for a hand out.

  13. People in my district complain constantly that there’s not enough housing. But you try getting elected without the words “protect the green belt” plastered all over your campaign literature, see how far you get.

    Landowners want to make money, developers want to build, council and councillors know how desperate the demand has become but it’s the bloody voters that won’t allow it. And then they complain about high house prices and unaffordable rents.

  14. @dearieme

    If the old manatee could understand she wouldn’t have been hired by the Grauniad.

    Yes she would she got her job due to Nepotism.

  15. Dearieme, councils should charge full market rates, with rebates for those on low incomes. There really should be more of an incentive for people to move on, or otherwise generate revenue for the local area.

  16. Comparing La Twaddle to a Manatee is highly disrespectful of Manatees, some of which can be comparatively attractive. (Though not in a sexual way, obvs.)

  17. “Yes she would she got her job due to Nepotism.”

    Oh go on with you. You’ll be telling me next that she didn’t send her children to comprehensives and that she owned a villa in Italy.

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