Interesting use of the wiki idea

What I have not intended is that the wiki answer all known questions on tax. But that said, the first post is about glossaries of tax. Because I cannot make such a glossary overnight it provides access to other glossaries, two of which I have been involved in creating. And as subjects come up I expect I will expand specific issues as glossary items. I have done two, on transfer pricing and unitary taxation.

Comments will not be taken on the wiki: I have no intention that this be a free-for-all. Comments can be made here, and I suspect I will blog new items as they’re added unless that becomes tedious. People are also invited to submit copy or suggestions (with urls for links please) via email or as comments and I will consider them. That way it can grow but without having to spend forever editing corrections, which would very rapidly kill it.

The entire point of a wiki being to tap into the Wisdom of the Crowds in order to first populate, then correct and refine it.

But then yes, OK, not going to work with Ritchie’s output, is it? It’ll be corrected beyond recognition.

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  1. surely this creates an opening for a tax unresearch wiki – one which takes all Snippa’s entries and modifies them to show how comically unfactual they are

  2. It’s a Murphiki. It will be the true word of God as dictated (good choice of word) by the Lord High Tax Denouncer.

  3. What’s the betting that he wants someone else to write all his grand ideas out for him, fleshing in the detail as they go.

    I suspect his plan is to then pick the good bits and use them to form another book.

    On the plus side, I think he’ll get plenty of contributions from outside his usual circle of sycophants.

    Amirite, Rocco?

  4. Its the only way he retains control over things. The fact its so divorced from reality will become apparent over time.
    He can also of course refer to it as proof of his pronouncements, him being one of the few people who references himself in an argument.
    Then again, sadly he has no one else to reference. The rest of the world including people with more intelligence than him is wrong.

  5. Speaking of which has anyone heard anything on the Fair Tax Mark lately? Seems to be underwater even with the coming Corbyn government.

  6. “The entire point of a wiki being to tap into the Wisdom of the Crowds”

    Why should we want the wisdom of crowds when we have the all-encompassing wisdom of Murphy?

  7. Dickiwiki can’t possibly work – he’ll be contradicting previous entries with new entries the whole time.

  8. Well, a bit of thought about a domain name, some careful copy for the SEO, based on his additions, and I don’t see why he couldn’t be completely sidelined in the search engine results.

  9. Bloke in North Dorset

    It’s easy to see where this is going. Some time ago Snippa talked about public goods in a way that got our host to generate a Ragging … post.

    It turned out that Snippa was talking public goods, which meatn whatever Humpty Dumpty Murphy wanted it to mean whenever he used it. Tim, and the rest of the world, talk about Public Goods, which has a very clear meaning that avoids confusion. Of course he wouldn’t be told.

    So we can expect to see Dickiwicki define xxxxx yyyyy as whatever meets Snippa’s current woolly stump thinking needs it to be whereas the rest of the world will have a very clear definition of Xxxxx Yyyyy which bears no relation to Snippa’s.

  10. Here is the DickiWiki explanation of what transfer pricing is:

    “Multinational companies have many ways in which they can abuse the tax systems of the countries that seek to tax their profits. Transfer mispricing – which is the abuse of transfer pricing arrangements – is one of them”

    Well that makes things crystal clear.

    A bit like defining a “goal” in football as “not a save”.

    I don’t see how the TwatiWiki can fail.

  11. spudotollah can’t abide dissent or different opinions. Basically his blog comments are one big circle jerk.

  12. I’m thinking of starting a wiki. I’llstart by stick ing something about transfer pricing, which will be correct and informative. And then those others on this blog who know about it can add to the entry.

    Meanwhile Spud’s is just bollocks.

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