Isn’t this all a bit anti-semitic?

Will Donald Trump’s belated condemnation of racism be enough to assuage his Jewish backers—at last count, roughly 30 percent of the American Jewish community—even though it took him two days to make it, and even though the Charlottesville march was advertised with violently anti-Semitic rhetoric and imagery?
Of course it will.
No amount of cognitive dissonance is too great for Trump’s Jewish backers, from high-profile ones like embattled lawyer Michael “Says Who?” Cohen to everyday Jews in the pews. Why? It’s not just Israel, although that’s a big part of it. Nor is it just about Jared and Ivanka. Nor is it blindness to the anti-Semitism and racism rampant among Trump’s hard core base.
Quite the contrary. Trump’s Jewish supporters are well aware of the alt-right, and in a perverse way, they thrive on it. The shocking mainstreaming of anti-Semitism reinforces their worldview, their political ideology, and their support of Israel’s hard-right fringe.

Never really thought of the Daily Beast as being quite that type of place.

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  1. Certainly, if it was being done by a moderate right site discussing Hollywood “Joos” backing the Dems / Soros etc, it would be “anti-Semitic facist bigotry.”

    We are clearly in to asymmetric definitions. But we knew that.

  2. Didn’t Trump condemn violence by both/all sides?
    So in order to avoid being anti-semitic (despite having a daughter who is an “Orthodox” Jewess) you have to praise violence by the lefties while still condemning it by the “right”?.

  3. “Never really thought of the Daily Beast as being quite that type of place.” Really? They’re left-wing, and therefore anti-semitic. Take a look at any of their reporting relating to “Palestine”.

  4. Maybe Trumo’s supporters are smart enough to see that the handful of alt-right wing nutcases are not his core support and therefore ignore it. Unlike the commentariat who equate a few hundred nutters with the millions who voted Trump into power.

  5. (despite having a daughter who is an “Orthodox” Jewess)

    Really? How the hell did that happen?

  6. Bloke in Costa Rica

    I quite likes me a bit of Freikorps-on-Spartacist bovver. Socialist scumbags bashing socialist scumbags. Lovely. Now the pro-fascists (but on the other side) have got their low-rent Rosa Luxemburg maybe it will all kick off properly. We’re in a bit of a Weimar mood at the moment anyway. It all worked out in the end last time, which was nice.

  7. We know we’re reaching bedrock when one lot of antisemites accuse the other lot of antisemites of being antisemitic then go and riot about it. Have these people ever been self-aware?

  8. “I quite likes me a bit of Freikorps-on-Spartacist bovver. Socialist scumbags bashing socialist scumbags.”

    Do you really think the US alt-right are in favour of state control of industry, the press, education & all the rest of the German National Socialist Party 1930’s platform? Or more likely, having had the left conflating them with the Nazis for umpteen years, have taken a look at the Nazi symbolism & uniforms & thought “Hey, these are stylish! And if the left want to call us Nazis, let’s give them the stiff middle finger.” Their grandfathers crossed the beaches of Normandy & fought their way through Europe to Germany. Bombed its cities. Those that survived. That’s the military tradition they identify with & are proud of. They think they are defending freedom. And when it comes to opposing the ctrl-left, it’s hard to argue they’re not.
    That said, yes, there’s a lot of Freikorps-on-Spartacist in this. But the Friekorps was comprised of discharged German military resisting the takeover of their country by communist socialists in the aftermath of WW1. Long before Mein Kampf was written.

  9. Also a bit obtuse when considering the recent history of Jewish support for Rs in presidential races. From Pew Research:
    Trump 24%
    Romney 30%
    McCain 21%
    Bush 2004 25%
    Bush 2000 19%
    Not sure which races the Daily Beast considered Nazi-heavy or Nazi-light.

  10. What’s happening is that in Europe the left have thrown their lot in with Islamists which required them to throw Jews under the bus. In America the number of Muslims is significantly less, so there was less need to do the same.

    So, whilst US activists and universities have taken the modern day anti-semitism to heart, the Democrat Party itself is not quite on message yet. Give them another few years.

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