OK, but shall we be even handed here Zoe?

The urgent moral question is how to find the language and timbre to take on the tie Nazi as robustly as one would the boot Nazi, since they are, plainly, part of the same body politic. If one ignores or indulges the tie, the boot will always come as a hideous surprise.

Can we substitute communist for Nazi there and then do the same? Equal moral condemnation for someone who lectures on the elimination of the bourgeoisie as someone who actually puts the boot into an actual bourgeoisie?

11 thoughts on “OK, but shall we be even handed here Zoe?”

  1. Off topic, but over on the Murphatolla’s site his lack of tax knowledge has once again been exposed (a certain Barry Gribb posing a question that required a modicum of CGT knowledge, in particular Lettings Relief).

    Murphy gets the answer completely wrong but still has the chutzpa to claim he was ‘almost right’ when this is pointed out.

    I’m sure Barry was hoping that Murphy would be left to his own floundering devices on the query (which had a few follow ups planned) which had been crafted with that relief in mind.

  2. Another blind spot Tim. Nazi/Communist?

    Socialism and its evil are one. Despite any petty turf disputes between the scum.

  3. Possibly ‘urgent’ for Americans perhaps?

    Not us. We aren’t America . Charlottesville tells us nothing about the UK as it was a bunch of foreigners in a foreign country which isn’t even about on the same continent doing some fash stuff.

    I do think the USA is more interesting and higher profile than other countries for everyone but not more important than domestic stuff.

    I hate this obsession and creeping Americanisation of terms and reference points. It’s wrong.

  4. No. When you see “Fellow white people” on twitter its inevitably a Jewish twitterer lecturing generic white people on how awful they are.

    I’m not alt right, but when they identify that some Jewish “intellectuals” are pushing an anti-white narrative, they’re not wrong.

  5. “Rob

    Has Murphy ever said “Hmm, I don’t know, perhaps I’ll look it up”?”

    Rob – Murphy is a sufferer of Dunning-Kruger syndrome. He is completely unaware of how much he doesn’t know and so assumes he is an expert. He is oblivious to the possibility that he may not be. Put another way, he is so stupid, he doesn’t know how stupid he is.

  6. ‘The urgent moral question is how to find the language and timbre to take on the tie Nazi as robustly as one would the boot Nazi’

    The Left has no such skill. They lost it 25 years ago when they found that they could bully everyone into going their way. It died when President Clinton said, “No personal attack ever fed a hungry child.” The legacy press swooned.

    The ‘language and timbre’ can only be a ban on their opposition. They are bullies.

  7. @Flubber – the alt-right, like their siblings on the far left, are a bit funny about Jews.

    I’m not denying that there are academic lefty Jews pushing an anti-white narrative, but it’s the lefty-ness that drives it, not the Jewishness. There’s plenty of other lefty haters and self-haters of all ethnicities driving the ‘blame whitey’ narrative in the US.

    Someone on David Thompson’s blog the other day linked to a NYT article about how women got a great deal under communism. I know the NYT is a ‘liberal’ rag, but to have it actually shilling for authoritarian socialism is staggering.

    The hard left is balls deep in the US establishment and alt-right idiots blathering on about Da Joos is seriously missing the fucking point.

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