Owen Jones never does understand simple arguments, does he?

LBC Radio host Owen Jones was commenting on reports about the Queen not planning to relinquish the crown to Prince Charles.

He said: “As a country would it be the end of the world [to elect our head of state]?

“Wouldn’t it enshrine our democracy?”

The simple argument here being President John Prescott.

The man who, memorably, used to be the number 1 Google result for “fuckwit,” something caused by this blog and the subject of a Number 10 complaint to Google. Even, a change in the algorithm to make google bombing more difficult.

At the heart of my objection is something that could be regarded as trivial and yet I feel is important. Who gets to pin the VC or GC on the chest of a hero?

Yes, I would prefer the ever so slightly inbred descendants of minor German dukedoms to a politician. Thank you.

32 thoughts on “Owen Jones never does understand simple arguments, does he?”

  1. An American Owen Jones, meanwhile, would be and probably is demanding a Kennedy monarchy to avoid the horrors of an elected Trump.

  2. Sadly this twerp is given far more airtime than he deserves, anyone know why, to spout his rubbish, mind you their are others who clog the airwaves continually, like Abbott who are equally dim.

  3. An elected head of state with no political powers would start to gather political powers at an astonishing rate.

    See: USA, France, Germany………

  4. The counter argument is that is that was all the role was, maybe we could get someone that really pissed off the lefties. Clarkson, Farage.

    I do think the queen does a top job, though. She’s pretty much universally liked and when someone has to see people in hospitals after disasters or yes, pin medals, that’s what you want. I’m not sure Charles works quite as well.

  5. If the electorate wants a President John Prescott. who am I to complain?

    With the current system, we will never have a President Mary Robinson, Aung San Suu Kyi, Nelson Mandela or T. Worstall. Instead, next we will have a man who talks to flowers and interferes in matter of state with no mandate.

    Not sure that’s better than even Prescott, who at least can box.

  6. Leaving aside that Owen Jones is only calling for an elected president because he hates our country and its institutions – he isn’t so bothered about democratic legitimacy in Venezuela is he – those who believe in electing our head of state could do with pondering what thatwas. Because there is nobody ever ran for office and got elected who then didn’t want to use that mandate. And I will always rejoice in recounting Portugal’s consistutional mess in 2015, when the socialists tried to form a coalition with the full-on leftists, had Parliament’s support, buy ran into the elected president refusing to.appoint them to government.. and cited his own electoral mandate in doing so.

  7. Must admit, Lizzie cuts it, but Big Ears frightens the life out of me and could make me go all out republican.

    He has no idea of his future rôle as constitutional monarch and believes in unicorn farts and other assorted crap.

  8. When Prescott was Deputy Prime Minister, the Monster Raving Loony Party had a manifesto policy that the Deputy PM should be fluent in at least one language…..

  9. There’s nothing wrong with talking to flowers, trees, cats, dogs etc, what IS wrong is expecting an answer!

  10. The Unused Testicle

    I thought the shadow cabinet had already made Jones a monarch?

    I’m sure I heard John McDonnell refer to him as king Owen Jones…

  11. If we’re to have a HoS then I agree that a constitutional monarch is the least worst option. But the only reason I can think of to have a HoS is to preserve the fiction that some things are above party politics and there done in all our names, via the equal fiction of a mother or father of the nation.

    Examples include declaring war and public prosecutions. On the whole I am against public prosecutions, or at least those conducted by national authorities.

  12. Surely the advantage of a constitutional monarch is that as no one voted for them, no one can really say they represent them. We’re all in the same boat – the Queen represents us, like it or not. Whereas once you have voting you have a winning and losing side, and the whole thing becomes far more divisive.

    Put it this way, would the Left have been happy being represented by President Thatcher rather than the Queen? They rather don’t like President Trump yet he was voted for…………

  13. Bloke on M4 said:
    “maybe we could get someone that really pissed off the lefties. Clarkson, Farage.”

    I’m loving the idea of President Clarkson.

  14. Why does this irritating fellow Owen Jones get so much publicity?
    Why not just ignore him? Starting with this blog.

  15. Of course the head of state should be an elected President. Then any citizen could apply as it should be, not an accident of birth. You could still retain the monarchy.

  16. It is quite easy. Repeal previous legislation concerning the monarchy and reinstate a number of lines of Plantagenet descent. It is surprising who might turn up as an eligible future monarch.

  17. I think it was the late Brian Sewell who laid out the case against an elected president in two words, spoken with a shudder.

    “Glenys Kinnock”.

  18. If we did have an elected head of state, and the Queen herself were on the ballot, what are the chances she’d win the election anyway?

  19. He said: “As a country would it be the end of the world [to elect our head of state]?
    “Wouldn’t it enshrine our democracy?”

    Young Owen rediscovers democracy.

  20. Jack – we could have a president Gerry Adams.
    Similar qualifications as Mandela. Except not the right colour.

  21. “Yes, I would prefer the ever so slightly inbred descendants of minor German dukedoms to a politician.”

    Glamis was 100% Scottish?

    When the time comes, it may be best to “skip one” in any case. William appears to be popular, already looks credible, has his mother’s empathy (a useful attribute) and has accumulated little baggage. That might “kick the can” for a generation or two?

  22. Owen Jones seems to have no knowledge of history – but then he writes for the Guardian – or he would know that the Head of State is put in place on sufferance of Parliament, exactly the same as the Head of Government. We killed and exiled enough kings to make that clear.

    Maybe Parliament isn’t a sufficient enshrinement of democracy for him.

  23. Owen Jones is all in favour of democracy when attempting to get rid of the monarchy, when considering the Brexit vote, not so much.

  24. Bloke in North Dorset

    The only democracy Jones and his ilk approve of was exemplified by the German Democratic Republic.

  25. Tim,. I am horrified at your example.
    This was, briefly, a big issue when the three most powerful self-styled democracies had Brezhnev, Nixon and Mitterand. We had her gracious majesty. The issue swiftly deflated like a punctured balloon.

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