Pecunia non olet you ignorant buffoon

A hospital has turned down a donation from a group of men who raised money by dressing up as nurses, claiming their behaviour was “highly-sexualised” and “demeaning”.

The men raised £2,500 in the event in Ludlow, Shropshire, which sees them dress up as female nurses and take to the streets with collection buckets.

The fundraising drive for Shropshire Community Health NHS Trust has been taking place without complaint for 30 years, raising around £90,000 in total.

Jan Ditheridge, chief executive of the trust, said she is not comfortable with how the event portrays medical staff and refused the donation.

40 thoughts on “Pecunia non olet you ignorant buffoon”

  1. I don’t want to hear another effing word about the NHS being starved for cash when it’s turning down donations because of woke BS.

  2. Where’s Ecksie?

    Same sh•t here. Amancio Ortega of Inditex (Zara) fourth richest man in the world has donated hundreds of millions of Euros to our local health authorities in the form of latest cancer treatment equipment after a thorough analysis of the situation.

    In some areas, the usual suspects through grandiose sounding ‘associations ‘ (despite representing only 4 and a drum as we say here) wanted to turn it down.

    Moar tax they say!

    Inditex is totally taxed based in Spain and alone pays, IIRR, 8% of all corporate taxes, plus all the positives that accrue from having the best textile retailer in the world in your economic system.

  3. abacab,

    Yup. Clearly not beggars if they can afford to be choosers.

    This could be the way to get privatisation. Get them doing more of this wank and the public will lose respect in the same way they have with the police.

  4. Then again, I never understand why anyone gives money to the NHS. Plenty of good health charities out there.

  5. I am reminded of the time The British Legion refused a sizeable donation from the final edition of News of the World.

    I have not seen the need to donate at any poppy appeal since given they clearly have all the money they need.

  6. Billabong thinking exactly the same thing.

    it not like they were doing anything vaguely immoral.

    They played dress-up.

    NHS must be well resourced if not Jan Ditherridge can fess up the coin.

  7. What if they had said they identified as nurses? I’m sure the NHS would have been happy to support them and throw in a castration on the taxpayers.

  8. The Unused Testicle

    Well, I’m afraid the fundraisers need to keep up with the times.

    They should have said that they were identifying as transgender and dear old Jan would have welcomed their conversion with open arms.

    She would still have sneered at it privately as it merely represents a couple of weeks of good lunches on expenses for her.

  9. I wonder what her position is on chuggers and charities which hound old people to death over more donations?

  10. I get retinopathy photos taken to look at the blood vessels in my eyes. Recently, I had this done at my optician, a short walk from my house. A month or so later I was called into my local hospital outstation, and a relative had to take a half day off work to drive me there and back – there’s no public transport, and a taxi hanging around is expensive. (Patients are not supposed to drive afterwards). To add insult to injury, the parking is restricted and extortionate.

    On asking why they couldn’t use the photos my optician took, I was told that it was because they are private!

    ‘So I paid twice then?’ I said, only to be told that the NHS is free …

  11. @Excavator Man – And people claim the NHS is super-efficient and there’s little wastage… Jesus wept.

  12. Bilbaoboy–7.38 am? Have a heart for Christsake–I can’t sit by the screen all day waiting for news of the latest leftist outrage to break.

    Nor has the early hour stimulated my creativity. After thinking through and discarding assorted outré punishments for this Dither-age female I think good old fashioned sacking without compo and sans pension will have to do. Along with a public statement of the unacceptable nature of PC bullshit.

    Yes–that’s it. A complete reversal. From now on any London Bubbler who spews even the smallest nugget of PC verbiage gets sacked as quickly as if they’d been reciting “The Adolf Hitler Jokebook” on Radio 3.

  13. Captain Mustard (Retd.)

    Dear Mr Worstall

    I wish most strongly to object to the tone of letters published on this page, vilifying the estimable Mrs Ditheridge.

    Why, only the other month in one of my letters to the BBC, I expressed my strong objection to some of the contestants appearing on the quiz programme “Pointless”. I pointed out that the moral stature of the nation was being eroded by the constant stream of men dressed as women appearing as contestants. One of the chaps damn’ nearly had a beard! I received a beastly letter back from the Corporation threatening to report me to the police as my letter amounted to a hatecrime under the auspices to gender stereotyping.

    Can you believe it? Please pass on my name and address to the unfortunate lady such that I may lend her my support when she is subjected to the inevitable attacks from television, the wireless and newspapers.

    Yours sincerely

  14. We’ve seen this before. The left disapproves of private charity because it undermines the state. (Everything within the state… etc.) Channeling Gloria from It ain’t half Hot Mum is merely an excuse.

  15. When the Sally Army used to get criticised for collecting in pubs they would always reply that there was no shame in taking the devil’s money if it was to be used for the Lord’s work.

  16. I’m trying to think of something less “highly-sexualised” than this lot.

    Next year they should dress up as Jan Ditheridge. That might work.

  17. Jan Ditherage should be locked into in a pillory in the centre of Ludlow with the public allowed to pelt her with rotten fruit at a quid a go and, for a fiver, you get to kick her hard in the cvnt. Proceeds to her hospital.

    I’d be prepared to make the long trip for a couple of kicks. I imagine her hospital would be overwhelmed by funds.

  18. “why they couldn’t use the photos my optician took …”: the photos my optician take go electronically to the NHS hospital for interpretation. They then write me a letter saying all is well.

    At least that was the system until recently. Last year I had to report to an NHS place for the photos to be taken. The previous system was more convenient because I could combine the photography with a conventional eye test – one trip not two.

  19. The Times reports that 3 other NHS hospitals have signalled that they would be very grateful of the money.
    It seems it is only the over-promoted under wiper Ditheridge who has a problem.

  20. MC,

    Interesting – none of the executive directors seem to have experience outside of healthcare, despite the fact only two of them need to be healthcare professionals (I suggest the Director of Nursing is also a useful role – basically the matron’s matron).

    Then of the four non-executives, only one does not seem to come from healthcare/inclusion charities (effectively the third-sector overspill of the NHS) or a local authoirty background – his minimal biography suggests a local businessman to me.

    No wonder the Chief Executive feels happy to make such clearly ridiculous statements – I’d guess only two or three of them would automatically grasp the multiplier effect here, with the loss to the hospital charity being far greater than just the refused donation.

  21. She’d be happy to take money seized by the State in asset forfeiture, I imagine. Not just money raised in charity by men wearing dresses.

  22. Julie has a proven track record in delivering governance arrangements, and public and staff engagement, to achieve organisational change.

    Julie has helped reorganise an organisation at least once, is my translation of that sentence.

  23. Not just money raised in charity by men wearing dresses.

    Sorry, should read “Just not money raised in charity by men wearing dresses.” Completely changes the meaning…

  24. Looking at the pictures of the blokes carrying out this disgusting act of sexual objectification, I have come to the conclusion that the female nurses at Shropshire Community Health NHS Trust must be a right set of munters.

  25. dearieme,

    Exactly the situation I reported. Presumably ‘going private’ is queue-jumping, not saving resources.

  26. “Rob
    August 23, 2017 at 12:24 pm
    Julie has a proven track record in delivering governance arrangements, and public and staff engagement, to achieve organisational change.
    Julie has helped reorganise an organisation at least once, is my translation of that sentence.”

    I doubt even that much. It sounds like she’s come up with some governance standards, run a couple of “How happy are you?” surveymonkey polls and assumed that things have somehow become different afterwards.

    I suspect she works in HR.

  27. Dearime & EC: Tell them to fuck off. I pay to have my eyes checked privately and never gave the NHS a choice about it. My optician sends them his results.

  28. Not sure how this works in law. If a non-charity (e.g blokes in skirts) wants to collect for a charity, they have to get the charity’s permission, must tell donors where the money is going and all the money they raise (net) must go to the stated cause. Is that true with the NHS?

  29. “they have to get the charity’s permission”

    I don’t think this bit is true. The permission is only required if they want to use the charity’s name, branding or IP, as part of the event. Particularly at scale.

    “must tell donors where the money is going”, yes, but I don’t think that means you have to name the recipient, as “raising money for local charities” seems to be ok. Not entirely sure tho’.

    In this case, it seems to be Joe Public -> Devils In Skirts -> League Of Friends -> Hospital -> Specific Kit, but probably the Hospital told the League Of Friends what the spending priority was, and they told the Devil’s In Skirts. Apart from the Lord High Deliverer Of Governance Arrangements being a twat, I have no idea how much control over things the Hospital or League could reasonably expect.

  30. Bloke in North Dorset

    Those guys should dress up again and go round asking those who gave tomtwke their money back. That should raise the issue widely enough to get the Board to sack the stupid cow.

  31. I would expect the board of that trust to have some hard questions about turning down money. Will make it 100 times harder for the hospital to raise money in the future.
    If can afford to turn down money from the public one way then can afford to turn down larger sums from other members of the public.

  32. “Julie is a very experienced Director, having about 20 years at Board level in the NHS, in community services and PCTs”

    It seems the NHS still thinks leeches are useful.

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