People are losing their rag over this idiocy

Is Period Poverty A Thing And The Scots Are Solving It The Wrong Way If It Is

10 thoughts on “People are losing their rag over this idiocy”

  1. The SNP trash need to not merely be stopped from trying any such nonsense but heavily punished for even contemplating it.

    Say 3 months loss of wages–and pension contributions–for all MSPs involved.

  2. Can women demand extra money to deal with periods and at the same time demand to be treated equally to men?
    If a woman was paid £2 a month extra for the same work as a man who started in same job with same experience on same day would we say they were paid equally?

    If a woman on benefits gets an extra £2 a month in benefit than a man can she claim to be treated equally?

  3. @ Martin
    How many years is it since the Cammell Laird case when the union demanded and got a pay rise for the woman cook who was *already* being paid more than the shipyard foreman on the grounds of “equality”?
    “Equal Rights” has nothing to do with equality or logic.

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