Robert Hardy

The Harry Potter actor Robert Hardy has died at the age of 91, his family has said.

Somewhere at the back of my mind is that he was one of the leading experts on the longbow……

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  1. “The Harry Potter actor Robert Hardy has died”

    Does anyone know whether he did any acting before he became a Harry Potter actor?

  2. @AndrewC
    Yes, lots.Many knew him as Siegried Farnon in the TV series All Creatures Great and Small. See Wiki link above.

  3. Hot Metal was a very funny and for reasons lost on me seemingly underrated series.

    About the Tabloid Press. Hardy played a Murdocuesqe character. Geoffrey Palmer the editor desperately trying to maintain standards.

    After running a story claiming that a vicar was a werewolf the paper is forced by the press council to print a retraction.

    Palmer confronts Hardy….

    “We were ordered to print a retraction after our claim that the vicar was a werewolf”

    “And we have”

    “Yes, it took me an hour to find it ‘8 Across – No, he’s not'”

  4. @Clovis Sangrail

    I was being sarcastic. Or is it ironic?

    Hardy was 77 when he appeared in Harry Potter and had over 40 years film experience by then but is still described as a ‘Harry Potter’ actor as if that’s all he’d done.

  5. @Pat

    I think they also ran a competition to “win the bones of Elvis”

    What was the programme you did?

  6. In the early 60s, Hardy was a leading classical actor. His performances as Hotspur can still be savoured on grainy TV transfers

  7. Apparently his audiobooks of Patrick O’Brian’s Aubrey/Maturin series are very good, though I haven’t heard them. (It’s hard to imagine them being better than Patrick Tull’s readings, which are one of life’s great pleasures.)

  8. Scratch that. It appears that Hardy’s version is “heavily abridged.” So stick with Patrick Tull.

    Killick! Killick there!

  9. I have a copy of his book “The Great Warbow”.

    Excellent stuff – good material, very comprehensive, well illustrated, and nicely produced.

  10. Mr Womby,

    “Rather like describing Robert de Niro as the Dirty Grandpa actor.”

    To be fair, that’s now a fair reflection of de Niro’s career. He spent 22 years from Mean Streets to Casino making generally good movies and 22 years since making stuff like Rocky and Bullwinkle.

  11. Hardy as Rathbone: I’ve appointed a new editor, he’ll be here soon. Now, I just have to pop out.
    Re-enters without glasses, no other change in appearence.
    Hardy: I’m Russell Spam, the new editor.

  12. Bloke no Longer in Austria

    Bowsandarrers were Hardy’s speciality he was engaged to consult on the tests on the Mary Rose’s weapons. He made a fascinating docu film about it.

    The problem with Hot Metal was that it couldn’t keep up with reality. I think what killed it was the “Spanish Donkey Crushing” scandal and the bidding war between the Sun and Mirror to save some clapped out seaside donkey.

  13. @AndrewC
    Aany apologies for SOH fail.

    I too was incensed by the description.
    I think it shows we’re getting old and knowledgeable – two unforgivable sins in the C21.

  14. jgh,

    I remember that scene, although I seem to remember that a lot of friends were completely confused by it.

    Still, more of a Brass man meself.

  15. Loved All creatures great and small. Super TV show.

    Did he ever perform at the Edinburgh festival?

  16. Ah another sad day. I remember the documentary he did on the longbows, but mostly I remember his perfect portrayal of Siegfried Farnon.

  17. Aye, I fondly remember Brass, and for a while kept mixing up Robert Hardy and Timothy West because of it.

  18. @Robert Dammers
    Have just addressed the shortage of saki (or at least of alcoholic beverages)..

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