Round and Round The Mulberry Bush

So Spudda thinks that a Guardian article about neoliberalism is worth a read.

I wrote about that neoliberalism article using Spudda as an example of why The G is wrong here.

And so we dance around, eh?

2 thoughts on “Round and Round The Mulberry Bush”

  1. Neoliberalism is an old term, dating back to the 1930s, but it has been revived as a way of describing our current politics – or more precisely, the range of thought allowed by our politics.

    That’s quite a statement, given that a Labour shadow was sacked this week for stating the completely bleeding obvious about Pakistani rape gangs in northern cities.

    I think you’d have to be mentally ill to think that ‘neoliberalism’ proscribes what you can think or speak about in politics. Pure projection on the author’s part.

  2. Milenium Development Goals.

    We don’t – and won’t! – hear much of these from here on in. Why? Because we met and exceeded most of them. Because we did it purely through the Washington Consensus and not through the opprestive regulation and New World Order Oxfam and Cafod would have imposed upon us. So those organisations don’t mention it and their learned events – and es, I’ve been there- will protest they have never even heard of the milenium development goals if you raise them at those events.

    So hooray for Neoliberalism, my response to the outright liars who create a world that doesn’t exist.

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