We all know that Trump bears his true soul via Twitter. If he wants to convince Americans that he stands against racism and white supremacy, we will need to see prompt and spontaneous tweets against racism and hate crimes in the future, not stage-managed, ghost-written statements days after the fact.

Bares. And if POTUS doesn’t voluntarily tweet the usual SJW line then he’s a Waaaacist!

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  1. I think Scott Adams nailed this one when he stated that the problem with this approach is you will never run out of bad things that need to be denounced and god help you if you forget one little snowflakes pet peeve.

  2. @Recusant: are you sure? Pretty certain the usual suspects would have no trouble shoehorning in an anti-Trump rant in a column about Newham housing issues…

  3. Trump is not perfect. His tweets sometimes over the top, he is a protectionist, he is oranges faced, but there is no doubt that the hypocrisy of the lefties is simply stunning. He will go down in history as the most demonized president ever!

  4. Trump needs to smash up the MSM.

    In the UK closing the BBC down in 24 hours flat would be the main strike but the Donald could end all broadcast licencing in the US thus allowing anybody to broadcast anything. That would be a huge blow against the networks. Less so the papers which don’t need state licences–as far as I know–but the dead-tree-ers are dying anyway.

  5. The Newham tax article sounds thoroughly racist to me. If a pal who’s law practice is in Newham. The vast majority of sales/purchases conveyances he handles, the properties are bought by Muslims. Who are very prominent in the BTL market.
    “Pakis don’t pay their taxes” is hardly the sort of thing you’d expect in the Guardian. Wherever could they have got that idea?

  6. Mr Ecks,

    The MSM is dying. Trump, Brexit, even Corbyn are signals of this. There’s no way Trump would have been elected 10 years ago.

    You even see this with things like movie reviews. The MSM did huge damage to themselves by talking up the terrible 2016 Ghostbusters. Their feminist politics overruled their critical faculties. It was only the people on YouTube who called it right.

  7. He could tweet “I hate Nazis” on the hour, every hour and the media would still lie and say he has said nothing. You could show them the proof that he has and they would repeat the lie.

    The worst thing though is people continue to believe the lie.

  8. The Left, after many months of trying, has at last managed to provoke the Right – a particularly dim and nasty sort of Right – into violence. It looks as if the possibilities include (i) that the police were instructed to allow the Left to get on with their intimidation, and (ii) that the Rightists were being manipulated by an organiser of theirs who’s actually a plant from the Left. I’d think that both (i) and (ii) might usefully be investigated by Fedgov but Fedgov’s investigators seem to be under the control of the Left. As others have said, perhaps Trump should invite the fat wee Korean bloke to nuke Berkeley.

  9. ‘If he wants to convince Americans that he stands against racism and white supremacy’

    Like the Left cares about racism and white supremacy. Here we have the Left trying to exploit another crisis. The last thing Americans want is for Trump to yield to the Left’s manipulation.

  10. Re Newham housing- Pakistanis act in their own self interest- who knew?
    Re Virginia- according to initial reports the groups present were described as Alt-right, KKK, and neo-nazis. Putting aside any doubts we may have as to the accuracy of those reports, we are forced to conclude that these groups were fighting each other, and all the casualties including the deceased belonged to one or other of these groups.
    Of course we are free to doubt the initial reports.
    As an afterthought if groups such as BLM are given free reign to demonise whites it is inevitable that some group of whites will assemble to push back. It works like that for any demonised identity.

  11. Re Newham housing and not paying tax. Simples. Just reform the tax system make all land subject to unavoidable/ un-evadable Land Value Tax charged to the Landlord. If landlord doesn’t pay take the property. Job done.

  12. The 1st Amendment is a restriction on government:

    ‘Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble . . . .’

    The antis were there for the purpose of not allowing people to peaceably assemble. A direct attack on their Constitutional rights.

    The antis are simply evil.

  13. ‘And if POTUS doesn’t voluntarily tweet the usual SJW line then he’s a Waaaacist!’

    And if he tweets the SJW line, they will STILL hate him.

  14. ‘I think Trump should say the NAZIs and other racists are evil. How can anyone defend the racists and NAZIs.’

    Your attack on human rights is barbaric.

  15. @Bloke in North Dorset, August 17, 2017 at 7:14 am

    The cop in Pcar’s Tucker Carlson link makes a lot of sense.

    Dan Bongino?

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