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Piece by piece, the case for severing Britain’s ties to Europe is falling apart
Martin Kettle

Who the hell is talking about severing ties with the 450 million people who start 26 miles away?

Change them, yes, but isn’t that a rather different thing?

8 thoughts on “Sigh”

  1. The Civil Service will ensure that Brexit is one enormous cock up, so that they can have revenge on stupid little englanders like me.

    Cutting their noses off to spite their faces? Oh, yes, they can’t wait.

  2. Civil Servants naturally love the EU. It provides both additional avenues for promotion as well as a new comparator to justify higher pay and conditions; and also a scapegoat for any unpopular decisions: “We’d love to change this, but unfortunately our hands are tied by Brussels”.

    Just like the Commissioners, they’re under no democratic pressure to deliver the best deal for the people they’re supposed to be representing.

  3. The Senior Civil Service need to be sacked en masse with zero compensation and their pensions confiscated.

    They deserve to die in cardboard boxes.

    No–I take that back.

    They deserve to die in wet cardboard boxes.

  4. That the public sector would cock Brexit up is no surprise. They cock everything up. That they’d cock it up was already factored into my decision making as a given.

    They were also cocking up membership and would have continued to do so, so meh.

  5. It’s yet another bandwaggon that Snippa is jumping on in his fat, ham-fisted way. Just look at how in another post he claims that there is no innovation happening in the world of technology. If you pushed his blotchy face into a cow-pat, he would insist that cows never shit.

  6. If you pushed his blotchy face into a cow-pat…

    Perhaps not. It’s a hypothesis that cries out to be tested.

  7. Bloke in North Dorset

    How many samples would be needed to be sure that the result is statistically relevant? It must be 4 figures, at least.

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