Some people, eh?


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  1. Aww, poor dear. If only they hadn’t brought in care in the community he could have whiled away his days in a looney bin, never having to listen to anyone telling him something he doesn’t agree with. Instead he can’t stop the world intruding, and he has to pay for the drugs 🙁

  2. What is the weird looking gizmo in the mini-photo to the left of the weird looking leftist?

    Weighing scale? Electric shaver? Sanity meter?

  3. Based on his work history, it appears he’s desperately attempting to impress Harvard enough to give him a full-time job.

    He has no faith in the markets because the markets haven’t been all that kind to him…

  4. “Why are such people so lacking in self-awareness?”

    Because leftism is a psychopathology that insulates one from reality behind a thicket of fantasies? These are people who are more concerned with how they want the world to be than with discovering how the world works.

  5. In a sense, he’s right. The preference for free markets is poison to the totalitarian psychopathology that animates Leftist twats like him.

  6. The preference for free markets is poison to the totalitarian psychopathology that animates Leftist twats like him.

    Not to forget the planet sized pomposity.

  7. Longrider

    “If life is going to exist in a Universe of this size, then the one thing it cannot afford to have is a sense of proportion.”

    ― Douglas Adams

  8. “I sincerely believe he is more dangerous to us than ISIS”.

    The ‘us’ is doing a lot of work there.

    Anyway, let us assume he actually means “the nation” here (enormous assumption) and imagine a scenario where “non-aligned (lol) hero is in a locked room with (a) TW or (b) an ISIS believer armed with a machete. Outcome?

  9. I don’t want to go all Dave here but people who vocally disbelieve in the freedom of free markets are 90% of the time really complaining about the machinations of Da Joos.

  10. Is he nonaligned or has he lost his bearings? I think the object he is holding is either a gas mask or an electricity meter. That he has taken a selfie with either object suggests a lack of sanity

  11. Bloke in North Dorset

    In a way he’s right. The chances of being harmed by ISIS are vanishingly small for most people.

    Tim uses logic and empirical evidence to destroy the left’s belief system, which affects all of them.

  12. ‘Saying “Let the market handle it” is to reject a one-size-fits-all, centralized rule of experts. It is to endorse an unfathomably complex arrangement for dealing with the issue at hand. Recommending the market over government intervention is to recognize that neither he who recommends the market nor anyone else possesses sufficient information and knowledge to determine, or even to foresee, what particular methods are best for dealing with the problem.

    To recommend the market, in fact, is to recommend letting millions of creative people, each with different perspectives and different bits of knowledge and insights, each voluntarily contribute his own ideas and efforts toward dealing with the problem. It is to recommend not a single solution but, instead, a decentralized process that calls forth many competing experiments and, then, discovers the solutions that work best under the circumstances…

    In brief, to advise “Let the market handle it” is a shorthand way of saying, “I have no simplistic plan for dealing with this problem; indeed, I reject all simplistic plans. Only a competitive, decentralized institution interlaced with dependable feedback loops — the market — can be relied upon to discover and implement a sufficiently detailed way to handle the problem in question.”…

    While declaring “Let the government handle it” comes across as a solution, it’s no such thing. Instead, it is merely a sign of a simple and baseless faith — a simple and baseless faith that people invested with power will not abuse that power; that political appointees possess or will find better answers than will millions of people pursuing solutions in their own ways, and staking their own resources and reputations on their efforts; that only those ‘solutions’ that are spelled out in statutes and regulations and that have officials paid to implement them are true solutions.

    So yes, show me a problem and I’ll likely respond “Let the market handle it.” I’ll respond this way because I know that not only is my own meager knowledge and effort never up to the task of solving big problems but that not even the Einsteins or Krugmans or Bushes amongst us can know the best solution to any social problem.

    Solutions to complex social problems require as many creative minds as possible — and this is precisely what the market delivers.’

  13. “John Davis

    Is that an instance of Schroedingers twat?”


    I’m going to remember that.

    And use it one day.

    And claim it as an ad lib.

  14. I remember a while back when we had really bad snow and one of the local shopkeepers jacked up his prices, made some money on his stock, but a year later he had to sell up and leave as people didn’t take kindly to the lack of community spirit and stopped going to his sho. So I’d say the market is perfectly capable of dealing with price gouging, depends on your timescales to some degree

  15. Is this his business? If so, it has a Murphyesque level of small-town pomposity:

    “From our office located in Deer Park Road (SW19) we are close South Wimbledon Tube and can access clients almost anywhere in England and Wales”

  16. “From our office located in Deer Park Road (SW19) we are close South Wimbledon Tube and can access clients almost anywhere in England and Wales”

    That’s a very telling phrase. HE can access clients. Strange.

    I always thought that my clients accessed me and not the other way around. But then I have a sense of humility that he apparently lacks.

  17. He seems to be based in Boston, MA, so I think it’s someone else with close links to Wimbledon tube.

  18. Interested said:
    “He seems to be based in Boston, MA, so I think it’s someone else with close links to Wimbledon tube.”

    Ah, yes, I’d missed that. Same business name, different continent.

  19. The ever excellent Bloke in North Dorset has it right. Understand this guy’s perspective. He’s never done a productive day’s work in his life. His entire raison d’etre is to foment imaginary grievances, take vicarious offence on behalf of various ‘minorities’ and extract a salary for a job in the Public or Third Sector which involves such activity. Tim, whose sometimes plain speaking many ‘normal’ people find quite amenable partly because it exposes the hypocrisy of people like ‘unaligned’ man, poses a direct threat to that activity and ambition. By contrast, ISIS offer no direct threat to him currently. Indeed thanks to the Kurds and Shia backed Iraqi troops they seem to be facing oblivion in Syria and Iraq (albeit something similar will no doubt arise from the ashes)

    Indeed, you could argue that by using ISIS as a means to highlight ‘Islamophobia’ they are in some ways his ally whereas Tim poses a clear and present danger to him. Of course most commentators here would rightly regard the guy as deranged put he is quite typical of many recent products of ‘higher’ education in the U.K.

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