Spudda’s going off message

This is undoubtedly true. But the message is really in the headline, which is:

Lenders must stop stoking demand for loans: or there’ll be another firestorm
There is another way of dealing with this issue that I proposed in The Courageous State. This is to reduce the demand for excessive consumption that drives much (but not all) of this credit creation process. I explicitly explored the relationship between the two, which I think is deliberate and pernicious, in that book.

Didn’t he get the memo? The credit increase is because of Tory austerity, isn’t it?

Still, tax advertising instead eh? MOAR TAX!

20 thoughts on “Spudda’s going off message”

  1. “reduce the demand for excessive consumption”

    That would be other people’s excessive consumption, of course. The Sage of Ely, as our greatest philosopher, lives the ideal balanced life, so anything that he has no desire for is unnecessary.

  2. Last time I looked, it was rather difficult to get a loan…. Who is doing all this lending? As far as I know it is PCPs, where the risk falls largely on the car companies, and credit cards

  3. This is the man who had in the Old Orchard almost an entire room devoted to a model train set in a ploy to avoid business rates on his home office. I don’t know if the unimpressive end-terrace in Ely also has the train set up, although given that he now lives on his own, he probably has loads of spare space there.

    An entire room devoted to a train set, and the various engines, models, landscaping and electronics etc is not “excessive consumption”?

    Fvck me gently with a fvcking barge pole.

  4. “This is the man who had in the Old Orchard almost an entire room devoted to a model train set…”

    Is this true? It suggests patience, planning & an attention to detail that commentators here don’t credit him with.

  5. Thinking about the psychology of model trains – you look down on them from on high, you some sort of huge omniscient being, totally in control, they utterly dependent on you. I already thought he had a God complex, this adds further weight to my theory.

    I expect he only has them in British Rail livery.

  6. Interested – all fair points. Except BR & on-time? Surely no-one’s THAT delusional? (I got the reference tho).

    But building a room-sized model layout takes commitment & dedication. That’s what surprises (based on comments regarding him here).

  7. Raffles

    Has anybody here suggested that the Murphatollah hasn’t commitment and dedication? Of course, he does – to his dingbat theories and to feeding his ravenous ego. He’s an obsessive – and his train set is further evidence of this, if it were needed.

  8. Its the ‘consumption is bad mmm’kay’ stump hole this morning then.

    Tomorrow it will be the ‘we must tax and spend more to stimulate the economy’ one.

    He’s obviously read that Ralph Waldo Emerson quote ‘A foolish consistency is the hobgoblin of tiny minds’.

  9. When I were a lad my dad got some track cheap. He built a model track in the spare room.
    The board was 10 foot by 10 foot. A lot of track when you are age 5.
    More recently my father in law had probably a couple of dozen engines and around 22 metres of small gauge track. He loved his model trains, was the most helpful and hardest worker I ever met. He didn’t have a God complex, he was in many ways very different to Richard.

  10. “reduce the demand for excessive consumption”

    Like eating too much?

    Something you can’t accuse Murphy of is being too thin.

  11. Martin, I was joking. I too had a model train set (admittedly as a boy, but I think it’s a fairly harmless hobby in an adult too).

  12. Takes a certain mindset as an adult but so do a lot of hobbies and interests.
    The rest of the adult train set users are somewhat different than Richard. Even those of us with a God complex. 🙂

  13. Ritchie claimed to have a room dedicated to his train set, but his YouTube videos don’t show this at all. Perhaps the train set was kept in a box ready for swift installation in case of an investigation into his non payment of business rates.

  14. If people spend less on things Richie disapproves of then they will spend more on their houses. So the credit will still be created, and the price of unfrivolous things (houses) will go up for everyone.

    Discretionary spending, whether of wages or credit, is a good way for those with excess ability to spend to do so. Thanks, Dick, for trying to stop them doing that.

  15. In the Democratic People’s Republic of Richard the people will have the money just for necessities and the rest is the property of the state.

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