Spudda’s right! The Den of Iniquity!

The Isle of Man’s main telecoms provider has been hit by criminal proceedings brought against its chief financial officer Danny Bakhshi, in another claim of lawbreaking against an executive at an Aim-listed firm.

Manx Telecom told investors this afternoon Mr Bakhshi had been suspended “on a precautionary basis pending investigations being carried out” and that the charge was unrelated to his professional role.

That island wet ops squad should be looking inwards, not at peaceful retired accountants from Wandsworth!

The Isle of Man court of justice confirmed to The Telegraph that Mr Bakhshi, 50, has been charged with an offence related to bringing cannabis on to the island from Amsterdam.

Sorta depends on how much is alleged. A roach end in a pocket after a weekend away? Or a shipload to distribute?

Mr Bakhshi was charged after a quantity of cannabis allegedly worth almost £200 arrived in the Isle of Man from Amsterdam. A customs official intercepted the parcel. Mr Bakhshi was subsequently arrested.


I’m rather out of touch with these things. £200 is a few ounces? A heavy weekend party maybe?

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  1. Amsterdam? Possibly 50g. Depends whether it’s weed or chocolate, doesn’t it? Were you checking the FT for commodity prices?

  2. SE – actually I was changing ‘calls’ to ‘called’ – really should be a preview and edit function…

  3. bis,

    As CFO of Manx Telecom I’d expect him to be on something a bit better than some generic weed at £4 per gram – say Amnesia, which would be about £10 per gram, exchange rates and bulk discount allowing, so 20g. But to have it posted…

    Obviously, the rozzers must have evidence that he actually placed the order, and it’s not the old trick of borrowing someone’s name and intercepting the package, or they’d just be incompetent buffoons.

  4. bloke in spain said:
    “Amsterdam? Possibly 50g”

    Don’t know what difference it makes, but the police and reporters always value these things at UK (or Manx here, I suppose) street prices. Presumably that’s higher than Amsterdam prices, so a smaller amount.

    Economically wrong (as I think Tim has pointed out), because that’s the value of the stuff once it’s got through Customs, but of course the stuff they’ve seized hasn’t.

  5. Oh, and weed on the island is about £20 per gram – so the parcel could be as little as 10g, and it’s not as if there’s a shortage of the stuff anyway.

  6. “..it’s not the old trick of borrowing someone’s name and intercepting the package,”

    There’s a thought. Maybe this was a sting by the Ely wet ops department & poor Mr Baksheesh is entirely innocent.

  7. BiS, I’d be surprised if the drip in the Ely wet ops dept even knew what weed is, let alone where to get it.

  8. “Maybe this was a sting by the Ely wet ops department…”

    My respect for the Spudda would rise infinitely – not hard when you’re starting from zero – if he’d managed all these years to hide such evil genius behind that facade of implacable idiocy. More likely he’d need help, with the obvious paradox: smart enough to think of such a thing, yet dumb enough to work with him. Too much boggling for my mind.

  9. Damn, I was hoping to film a nice Asian lady with Danny later this week. Maybe I get to release it early if Manx buy out his contract.. Always sniffing for opportunities…

  10. Bloke in North Dorset

    What a bunch of lightweights. Real businesses appoint a Chairman with a liking for cocaine, crystal meth and ketamine who has been approved by not only the regulator but the Great Spud himself.

  11. BniC,

    If Spudda is seen stroking a white cat, we’ll know which is the brains of the outfit: the pussy, not the c*nt.

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