Superb snowflake logic

It’s a dark moment for America — and our president personally made this possible
Donald Trump hasn’t just tolerated this upsurge of fascist violence — he enabled and encouraged it. Now he must go

Racist nutter kills anti-racism protester.

The President must resign.


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  1. Did you expect anything else from Salon? Their online response to any form of critique in the comments it start calling people simpletons for not agreeing with them. Hardly unexpected as it’s stuffed to brim with the usual lefty hand ringers and window lickers.

  2. But shouldn’t the response be to declare that we needed to understand their grievance, explain how they were radicalised by society, declare that it was a mental health thing, unrelated to politics, etc.

    Or is that only for Islamist whackjobs?

  3. The Inimitable Steve

    Them crocodile tears tho.

    The president’s “many sides” line also appeared to link the deadly Charlottesville terrorist attack with Black Lives Matter protesters in Ferguson, Missouri, and other activists who, again, haven’t engaged in any acts of terror


    Black Lives Matter burned Ferguson down. Dozens of local businesses and cars were torched. The local police chief said he personally heard more than 150 shots being fired by the peaceful protestors. At least one guy was killed, and dozens injured.

    All because a policeman shot a drug-addicted thug who robbed a shop and then lunged for the cop’s gun.

  4. Are you taking the piss Audley?

    Trump’s trash talk is the cause of violence but the actual violence and far more hateful and violent shite spewed by the scum of the left is the square root of fuckall to do with anything?

    A nice system if you can make it work pal.

    But you can’t.

    Leftist shite have been spewing not merely verbal hatred for months but have practiced what they preach with numerous assaults on Trump supporters all thro the election campaign and a fuck sight worse.

    Now either you are a hypocritical moron or you are a very evil fellow indeed who knows well what the scum on your side are up to but choses to ignore that to help out your vile leftist creed.

    If violence is what the left wants then the time is coming when they may well get their wish. And with a score of 150 million already murdered against socialism this time it isn’t going to go so well for the snowflakes.

  5. The Inimitable Steve

    Julia – Ha! If it was some sort of Ramadan attack, the media would be declaring WE MAY NEVER KNOW THE MOTIVE!

  6. ‘president personally made this possible’

    Someone needs a professional personality/mental health evaluation.

  7. The crowd that got driven into were preemptively defending themselves from the car with their baseball bats and bricks of peace. Only when the driver had been subjected to sufficient amounts of peace to fear for his life did he panic and try to get out of their through the middle of the crowd.

  8. @Magnusw,

    Only if he has dashcam of that and it is admissible.

    It goes without saying a murderer like that is a risible piece of shit, whether he’s an “extreme right” (= extreme different sort of left), islamist, or anything else.

    I’m not sure what to make of the [insert leader of choice] didn’t condemm [insert act of violence] in the right [insert words of choice] thing.

    Mr Corbyn also got lambasted for “regretting the violence on all sides” in Venezuela. You can, like both Corbyn and Trump, be simultaneously right and intentionally missing the point.

  9. The Inimitable Steve

    BiG – I dunno that Trump was missing the point.

    In a nutshell, what happened was:

    * Nazi LARPing retards hold rally
    * Red Front LARPing retards assault them
    * The police, for reasons that might come out in the enquiry, deliberately escalated the scuffles into a riot. Lots of eyewitness reports of the cops shoving the Nazis towards the Commies, who were attacking them with pepper spray and blunt instruments.
    * Lunatic runs people down in his car.
    * As if the carnage on the streets wasn’t bad enough, there was a fatal helicopter crash.

    Clearly, lots of people need to go to jail for this, including but not limited to the Turd Reich aficionados.

    It used to be the case, in non-shithole countries, that we could reasonably expect the cops to de-escalate street violence, or break it up quickly if de-escalation wasn’t possible.

    That’s gone out of style in recent years, in favour of different rules for different people depending on how high your group ranks on the political totem pole. I’m reminded of how New Labour thought it’d be fun to get the Met to kick the shit out of a bunch of Countryside Alliance folks, out of pure spite.

    Of course, the media immediately sought to attack the President. Whatever he said, they were going to attack him.

    Thankfully, Theresa May also condemned the violence, which I feel sure is of great comfort to the families of the dead.

  10. The most pictures and videos of the event are here

    On a side note, it is absolutely fascinating, if you were a student of how the media frames and writes the narrative this is straight out of a textbook. They will be teaching “Charlottesville 2017” classes a hundred years from now.

    For example, there are only two types of people that exist in Charlottesville, White Supremacists and Anti-racists. The same two groups of people could be described as proud patriots and a violent masked mob, and it would be just as correct but the narrative would be entirely different.

  11. Is she going to pay them some compo as well?

    The BluSlime now routinely harass non-leftists but take the air while the left kicks off.

    The national socialists had to have a “permit” for their demo. But no such documentary pedigree was asked of the Antifa sewage –either when they showed up or when they went on the attack.

  12. TIS – “Whatever he said, they were going to attack him.”

    The narrative was written before the kid finished reversing his car, he is a white supremacist murderer and no matter what evidence comes to light, he is going to prison for a very long time.

  13. Were I to find myself in a car surrounded by a hostile mob, masked and swinging baseball bats I’d drive right through them as well.

    Remember the two squaddies in NI who died because they failed to use the one ton weapon they were sitting in?

  14. We would have never heard of the Charlottesville Rally were it not for the media. They LOVE this stuff.

    People I don’t care for have meetings. Big, public meetings. If I’m not interested, I stay away.

    If a strange group wants to have a rally in Charlottesville, I don’t care. But a group decided that the strange group had to be interfered with. And the police didn’t keep the groups separated.

    So we have violations of free speech. That concerns me. That some of the violators were injured bothers me none. They went there spoiling for a fight, and they got it. Yawn.

    The Lefttard press frames it as strange groups are bad. The free speech problem bothers them not.

  15. Social Justice Warrior

    “surrounded by a hostile mob, masked and swinging baseball bats”

    You’re mad. The video shows the car on a largely empty street, with the anti-fascist demonstrators some distance away. Then the driver, under no threat, accelerates towards the demonstrators. And having run into them at high speed, he reverses away at high speed, as he could have done in the first place if afraid.

    Meanwhile, here‘s a picture of an anti-fascist viciously assaulting your friends by attacking their boots and sticks with his body.

  16. Ah yes, Deandre Harris, quietly going about his business in Charlottesville when he was set upon by a gang?

    Nope, actively threatening a group of protestors as part of an armed and purposefully intimidating crowd who attacked the protestors.

    I hear he’s made over $100k for his few minutes of baiting. Excuse me if I don’t feel too much sympathy.

  17. They’re all dickheads but for SJW to call the opposing set of twats ‘anti fascists’ is ludicrous. They are way closer to fascists than the good ol boys, who mostly want to live in a 1970s America where they get to go to roadhouses and brawl with other cretins before riding away on their silly motorbikes.

  18. I love the objectivity of the media.

    Trump says “I condemn the violence on all sides” and they lose their shit. Its only when he explicitly names one-side (the aforementioned turd Reich crowd) that they then say what took him so long.

    What they really object to is the left’s pet storm-troopers being condemned. Despite their track record of mayhem and murder.

  19. @SJW, I don’t know about the initial drive into the crowd, but the reversing was only after the car was attacked by a large group of people wielding bats and weapons. The video you saw was edited. There are other videos.

  20. The driver was a known schizophrenic with a long history of violence, mostly directed against his family. In a previous age he would be in a secure ward, unable to harm himself, his family or the public at large. The SJWers favour care in the community for those who psychotic unless they disagree with their political views in which case, hatecrime.

  21. SBML – video I saw shows him driving at speed down an empty road into the crowd. It may have been edited and if it wasn’t I don’t know his motive but it doesn’t look good.

  22. Mr Ecks. You’ve used ad-hominems. Naughty Mr Ecks. Let’s gloss over that ourselves and move on.

    “but the actual violence and far more hateful and violent shite spewed by the scum of the left is the square root of fuckall to do with anything?”

    Could you show me where I said that?

    WhatAboutIsm doesn’t work with me. We can discuss it on another thread if you like, but it’s not one of the reasons why Trump should resign and isn’t connected.

  23. SJW is quite right to condemn the (?lunatic) who drove a car into the crowd.
    We may criticise the crowd that attempted to restrict the freedom of speech guaranteed by the US Constitution to all idiots, but actions that were almost certain to kill or injure fairly peaceful protestors are just WRONG.

  24. Audley–you connect to a page of your puke leftist buddies spewing personal bile at Trump and whine about my use of ad hominems?

    You two-faced leftoid zombie.

    ““but the actual violence and far more hateful and violent shite spewed by the scum of the left is the square root of fuckall to do with anything?”

    Could you show me where I said that?”

    I said that . You didn’t say it– cos you are a socialistic snake who claims the first part re Trump’s trash talk to be truth –and projects deathly silence (a leftscum tactic out of the Ark) about the crimes of your own gang.

  25. SS Ecks, Esq.

    People don’t like Trump, how does that make someone a “leftoid”.


    I notice you got back from Charlottesville unscathed. Were you hiding at the back?

  26. Jesus=Meiac=fucking nutcase.

    So fresh from your drubbing re QE you want to display your equal ignorance of politics along with your highly advanced skills at asking ridiculous non-sequitur (look it up) questions that take you nowhere near the point of the thread. With no more waste effort than three amputees putting up a tent in a high wind.

    As for “hiding at the back”– you mental case– even with the scum of Antifa you would be the last to be picked. Out of a line up of one.

  27. Mr Spastecks Society

    You said:

    “Audley–you connect to a page of your puke leftist…You two-faced leftoid zombie.”

    I said:

    “People don’t like Trump, how does that make someone a “leftoid”.”

    You try:

    “…non-sequitur (look it up) questions that take you nowhere near the point of the thread.”

    I sigh.

  28. Social Justice Warrior

    Interested: i picked up “anti-fascist” from media reports. More accurately, it was a varied assortment of people choosing to demonstrate against the marching white supremacists, neo-nazis, and Klansmen. I disagree that there’s anything fascist about taking to the streets in opposition to such people. (I also disagree with taking any sort of weapon to a demonstration, as some of the “antifas” and many of the WS, NN, and KKK did.)

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