The concentrated, sugared, screams of murdered oranges

I quite liked the marmalade on my toast this morning…..

23 thoughts on “The concentrated, sugared, screams of murdered oranges”

  1. My conscience is clear:
    (Leaving the yeast to one side of course!)

    Toasted real bread, drizzle of extra virgin olive oil and sliced tomato from the plot (eek! with a little fresh ham across the top he said diving for cover…).

    I am accidentally organic (too lazy to spray chemicals)

  2. Marmalade is a pleasure that probably tends to arrive later in life. As a child the bitter aftertaste put me off. Now–like my Father before me–I only eat marmalade never jam–unless jam sponge.

  3. M L

    Don’t speak yeast unfortunately.

    Hmm, this beer tastes good. I always have one after working on the plot. I wonder what gives it the fizz and makes it alcoholic?

  4. One can appreciate MatthewL’s concern about yeast. We are talking about a lifeform with an intellect equivalent to that of many senior politicians, here.

  5. If we could hear plants screaming, would anyone but a sadist ever pay someone to mow the lawn?

    Fixed it for you, Thomas.

  6. If you make jam from windfall fruit does it count as murder? I suppose you’d have murdered the natural yeasts on the fruit. And the sugar will come from murdered cane and beets.

    Sniffle, weep, blub.

  7. Thinking about it, I am oh so cruel:

    I boil them in water, dip them in hot oil, burn them over a slow flame or hot coals and even stuff them in an oven. A horticultural holocaust !!!!

    when I am feeling really vicious, I dip them in boiling water and then into iced water 🙂

  8. Yes, let’s hear it for the forces of conserve.. Orange marmalade very good (for once I agree wholly with Ecks), quite keen on pink grapefruit too. Tends to encourage overweightedness though. Marmite runs marmalade very close.

  9. “If trees could scream, would we be so cavalier about cutting them down? We might, if they screamed all the time, for no good reason.” (Jack Handy)

  10. I know I don’t like Marmite so I’ve never tried it.

    I do like Bovril – the taste of going to the swimming baths in boyhood. Swim, Bovril, back on the bus. I only wish I could remember the biscuits we ate with the Bovril.

  11. Today’s murders, by the way, included raspberries, brambles, apples, courgettes, mint, and sweetcorn.

  12. @ dearieme
    Yesterday my wife demanded that I gather the windfalls so that she could make crab apple jelly – being taller I chose to gather as much of the ripe fruit still on the tree as I could reach and to bin the windfalls that had started to rot.

    I ate my share of the raspberris that she had picked earlier.

  13. Michael Less/ Richard Bonner is a marmalade Nazi.

    And the bitter aftertaste of Socialism is a real killer.

  14. @ Mr Less
    Re: your comment:
    “Fight against the extreme right wing NAZis.”

    Some observations:

    1/ Nazi= national socialist

    2/ Nazi’s are therefore left wing.

    3/ However, even assuming Nazi’s could be right wing, your comment assumes some moderate Nazi’s (why specify ‘extreme’ otherwise?)

    4/ From which we can infer you approve of Nazi’s generally, aside from the very extreme ones. How extreme? Shall we assume that it’s the 5% lunatic fringe you disapprove of?

    5/ You approve of 95% of Nazis and by extension, pretty much all of their ideology and beliefs.

    6/ You are therefore Richard Murphy.

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