This is fun about Adani

A global mining giant seeking public funds to develop one of the world’s largest coal mines in Australia has been accused of fraudulently siphoning hundreds of millions of dollars of borrowed money into overseas tax havens.

Indian conglomerate the Adani Group is expecting a legal decision in the “near future” in connection with allegations it inflated invoices for an electricity project in India to shift huge sums of money into offshore bank accounts.

What happens in India with offshore invoicing wouldn’t surprise me in the slightest either way. But it’s worth pondering why the Guardian is running with this in such detail. It’s because that same company is trying to open a coal mine in Oz. Which will require “dredging near the Great Barrier Reef park” for the port.

This is an attempt at making sure that the operation doesn’t get financed, nothing more. Rather a political intervention for a supposed vanguard of speaking truth to power, no?

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