Traveling Timmy

So I managed to go the right way out of the city, went toward Prague airport, not Dresden as I have been. And I found my booked parking space, remembered the rest of the way to the airport, found the supermarket, bought lunch, went through passport control and……Easyjet regrets that the flight to London is delayed because Xvvvvrb.

So, I know I’ve got to hang around just not quite why.


16 thoughts on “Traveling Timmy”

  1. When it is a cause for which the airline is not responsible (and therefore don’t have to compensate you), the announcement is made clearly, in at least 6 languages, and often.

    Anyway, which “London” do Easyjet fly to from there? Bishop’s Stortford Shopping Mall? West Sussex Rural Landing Strip? Lutonistan?

  2. Surely not a delayed EasyJet flight? Above all airlines, they really seem to like to treat customers as cattle queuing up for the abattoir. Go and stand for an hour on the staircase down to the gate. No, you may not keep sitting in the lounge

  3. in British English it’s spelt “travelling”. And “spelled” is often spelt “spelt” presumably because that’s how it’s often pronounced, and because it accords with the forms of some other verbs e.g. leap -> leapt.

  4. “spelt”

    It depends how long is spent or taken on it doesn’t it?
    ‘The toast is burnt.’, ‘He burned the steak.’.

  5. Both.

    Simple adjective (“the burnt heretic”) or past participle (“the heretic had been burned”). Pendantically speaking, the past participle may also be used as an adjective.

  6. You are getting off lightly, Tim. According to Rdio 4 lunchtime news, holidaymakers in spain are having to queue for 3-4 hours just to get through new enhanced EU security, so many are missing their flights.

  7. It’s surprising how frequently a pendant such as dearieme is outpedanted. Perhaps he needs to read more

  8. “Sissoko reveals Pochettino spat and wants to quit Spurs” Surely that should be really big news: the manager spat and admitted that he wants to leave Spurs. Golly!

    Or the Tel doesn’t have anyone to check the headlines for ambiguity.

  9. @Ian Reid,

    Checking every passenger on the way in and out of the country against terrorist databases?

    Gosh, that couldn’t possibly be what the retired colonels, saloon-bar bores, and swivel-eyed loons have been demanding Britain do for years, could it?

    But woe betide if Brits have to put up with Johnny Foreigner doing it!

  10. Sebastian Weetabix

    What we need is a spot of racial profiling. Then old Rabbi Goldberg won’t be unnecessarily held up.

    Can’t have that though, can we? It’s terribly racist I expect.

  11. Soon there will be elite very safe planes for important people i.e. POSH -‘planes of superior humanity’ and ordinary ‘ take your chances’ planes.

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