Umm, there’s a problem with this analysis

It took only eight months to go from a nation that voted for a black president two terms in a row to one that is suffering from race riots and killings, with officials having to send troops out on to the streets and declare a state of emergency. The speed with which it happened is the clue that it was in fact happening all along, unseen. And the fact that it was lying in wait is an indicator of how little racial equality is prized in the United States’ DNA.

Race has long been a problem in the US. It didn’t start with Trump.

The Cincinnati riots of 2001 were caused by the killing of 19-year-old African-American Timothy Thomas by white police officer Stephen Roach, who was subsequently acquitted on charges of negligent homicide.[18] The 2014 Ferguson unrest occurred against a backdrop of racial tension between police and the black community of Ferguson, Missouri in the wake of the police shooting of Michael Brown; similar incidents elsewhere such as the shooting of Trayvon Martin sparked smaller and isolated protests. According to the Associated Press’ annual poll of United States news directors and editors, the top news story of 2014 was police killings of unarmed black people, including Brown, as well as the investigations and the protests afterward.[19][20] During the 2017 Unite the Right Rally, an attendee drove his car into a crowd of people protesting the rally, killing 32-year-old Heather D. Heyer and injuring 19 others, in what police called a deliberate attack.

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  1. “Even in the UK, it is no coincidence that the first jubilant spasm after the Brexit vote was manifested in a rise in hate crime. “

    Here we go again….

    No. No, no and thrice no! A rise in ‘hate crime allegations’.

  2. “The speed with which it happened is the clue that it was in fact happening all along”

    Or an indication of how organised for violence the
    Left is in the USA.

  3. The violence problem in the US is not a Trump supporter problem. Unless they all live in inner city Chicago:

    Latest excitement:

    Laquesha “Quebaby” Holmes didn’t deserve this, according to friends. The 33-year-old mother of four died Wednesday morning after she was chased down and shot multiple times in the Logan Square neighborhood on the Northwest Side, police said.

    About 10:30 a.m., Holmes, known to friends as “Quebaby,” was near Spaulding and Cortland when a black Dodge Charger with tinted windows approached and a man got out, authorities said.

    He chased her, then fired several shots, according to Chicago Police and the Cook County medical examiner’s office.

    When it was over, Holmes had been shot 12 times, police said.

  4. The media seems to have conveniently forgotten DozyBarry’s direct support for BLM ; at least Trump didn’t invite the KKK to the White House.

    This mentality is shot through Obama’s presidency.

  5. The problem of blacks rioting is a result of those Dutch settlers who made the poor decision to trade perfectly good whiskey for lazy slaves back in the 1600s. If only Lincoln had followed through on his plans to solve the problem and send the malcontents back.

  6. How much of it is Obama’s fault, for building unrealistic expectations and fanning the flames? Or is the U.S. President just a meaninglesss figurehead, like Zaphod Beeblebrox?

  7. The Unused Testicle

    The Graun is just a pile of clickbait now that the money from Auto Trader is running out. (in fairness, I should point out that the money was invested offshore by mistake and not to avoid tax. Oh no.)

    The article, as is pointed out here, says the crimes are because of Trump’s election by the Russians, then in the next breath tells us it was happening all along.

    Which is part of the analysis, which means it’s not an analysis at all. Just clickbait.

  8. The US, a country so corrupt that a president can be elected by another country and whose voters are able to be purchased for an unknown price.
    Yet you raise this issue with Americans and they tell you that they cannot be bought and that their voting system cannot have another country elect their president.

  9. @Interested: “Laquesha “Quebaby” Holmes didn’t deserve this..” She did, for the name alone!

    Wait until you meet an African-American whose name is spelt “Shithead”, but who insists it is pronounced “shaw-THAYD”.

    There aren’t many, but there are some.

    Not just the poor coloured folks that do this though, Bill and Moya Lear (founders of the Lear Jet Corporation) named their 3rd daughter Shanda Lear.

  10. @Perry:

    What do you mean it was invested offshore?

    The Trust that owns the paper, the C P Scott Trust, was set up for the sole purpose of avoiding death duties following the 1932 death of C P Scott. By depriving the revenue of its due, the Scott family succeeded in avoiding the heavy taxes which would have otherwise meant them selling their interest in the paper. That was wound up in 2008 to exploit a loophole enabling them to pay zero capital gains tax on £307 million in profits.

    In 2008 The Guardian (aka GMG – Guardian Media Group) claimed GMG Hazel Acquisition 1 Limited, a GMG-owned company, would be transferred into their investment partner Apax’s offshore structures, normally when this happens there is a name change. The name is unchanged to this day, strongly suggesting the ownership is unchanged.

    It is believed that the profits from Auto Trader were “invested” in this offshore vehicle, though since it is registered in the Cayman Islands, it is difficult to know exactly what assets are held by it or who the directors / nominees are. All that is known is that the fees for the company are still being paid by the Grauniad, which you wouldn’t do for an empty shell company, would you?

  11. WKPD: The Scott Trust Limited is the British company that owns Guardian Media Group and thus The Guardian and The Observer as well as various other media businesses in the UK. In 2008, it replaced the Scott Trust, which had owned the Guardian since 1936.

  12. If you call your riots “communist riots,” you won’t get much sympathy. So you call them “cause du jour” riots.

    Are black leaders are too stupid to know that they are being exploited, or are they cynically hurting their own people for the power and money?

    The Left couldn’t care less about them. Their goal is to disrupt Western civilization so they can replace it.

  13. Bloke on M4 – but if you listen to those spouting off about the Russians interfering in the US voting, those blacks must have been selling their votes to the Russians!
    Strange country with mental health issues galore. They’ve never quite got that the cold war is over.

  14. “Strange country with mental health issues galore. They’ve never quite got that the cold war is over.”

    The Left very well know the Cold War is over, when it was still very much on, they were on the side of the Soviets.

  15. That’s child cruelty!

    It doesn’t seem to have been too cruel, she’s a spokesperson for the Executive airlines industry in her 70’s and seems pretty confident about it.

    Good for her I says!

  16. But the pain if she visited a British pub and everyone loudly ordered a half pint of shanda. Unbearable! Especially if she’s rather short. Or very tall.

  17. What’s funny about all this is that liberal Europeans can see how badly different races get along in the US, and their response is to replicate US-style racial diversity in Europe. It will work out great in Europe because Europeans are enlightened and stuff, unlike all those racist hillbillies in the US. We will see, but I have to say that I’m skeptical!

  18. The natural racism of people separates them into two camps in the US. On the right, people are “racist” in the sense that they do not want roving gangs of blacks, Hispanics or Asians in the same street that their kids walk down to get to school. But they are perfectly happy to hire a black accountant, if he does the job properly.

    On the left, they see blacks and Hispanics as cannon fodder, useful idiots to be shot and imprisoned and deprived of wealth and opportunity in order to keep them angry and dependent and voting for the party that will “save” them. But under no circumstances are blacks to have any real power or representation, just tokens to give the appearance of progress.

  19. Just a shift in the narrative…

    First, during the presidential campaign, Donald Trump was a horrible misogynist. That didn’t work. So…

    Second, after the election, Donald Trump was a Russian stooge. That didn’t work either. So…

    Third, now Donald Trump is a Nazi. That won’t work either. So…

    What ‘Merica is waiting for is to find out what Donald Trump will be next. My bet is that it will be discovered that he’s actually the two-headed love child of Ginger Baker and Lucille Ball.

    In the meantime, my friends and I are busy playing the Donald Trump game. It goes like this… Each time we talk to each other we are required to start the conversation with a declarative statement where the first two words must be Donald Trump and the declaration must then be what Donald Trump is going to be accused of next. Examples include…

    Donald Trump scared my hamster.
    Donald Trump hid the remote.
    Donald Trump left the lid up in my bathroom.
    Donald Trump ate my parakeet.
    Donald Trump tore the warning label off my mattress.

    In my wild youth, it would have made a fine drinking game.

  20. @Mr Black, August 26, 2017 at 3:23 pm

    Replace “blacks and Hispanics” with “the poor & the non-white” and it describes UK Labour party.

  21. John galt you assume that the Cayman company is not uk tax resident. I’m sure GMg have said it is in the past in which case you are talking bollocks.

  22. Just been on holiday. Some members of the tour were americans. One was very loud and proclaimed at every opportunity how dreadful donald trump was and how wonderful hillary is. When i challenged her to name one success as secretary of state she played the americans are mysogynists card.Further prompting she suggested that hillary had stopped nuclear armageddon ( must have missed that) and then waxed lyrical about how wonderful Barack obama was. Fat stupid cretin. At one meal she asked what pate was. Unfucking believable.

  23. John galt you assume that the Cayman company is not uk tax resident. I’m sure GMg have said it is in the past in which case you are talking bollocks.

    The folks at the Grauniad have come up with all sorts of bollocks to hide or justify their tax evasion as being different from the tax evasion of others (usually those of a non-lefty persuasion).

    Quite why you believe their lies is beyond me, unless you work for the worthless cunts…which would explain a great deal…

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