Umm, yeah, OK

‘War is obscene, not my nipples’: Women and men strip for 10th annual Go Topless Day Parade in New York City as they demand the desexualization of female breasts

I always do like these demands that humans stop being humans. You know, secondary sexual characteristics and all that……

18 thoughts on “Umm, yeah, OK”

  1. The Unused Testicle

    “This year the event falls on the 97th anniversary of Women’s Equality Day,”

    “it has been legal since 1992 for women to bare their breasts in public”

    Yes, I can see now why they’re doing it.

  2. Mid 70s the family went to Hong Kong to visit my sister. She thought my father might enjoy going to a topless bar. Our very charming hostess was Afro American and my father had grown up in Southern Africa where cultural norms then allowed black breasts to be bared and desexualised. He was somewhat disappointed.

  3. “desexualization of female breasts”

    Mille Tant and her cohorts have been desexualizing the whole female body for decades.

  4. Very low quality turnout, this year, isn’t it? Hardly worth the Mail covering it. The right hand column’s much better…er…reading..

  5. Is this the same people who demanded that glamour models be made unemployed because showing your nipples was obscene?

  6. These marchers have certainly contributed to the ‘desexualisation of women’s breasts’ as far as I am concerned.

  7. Definitely a First World Problem. And from the looks of most of those First World types, obtaining calories isn’t a First World Problem.

    About the only use NYC has for most of us is that it draws those sort of people away from places like Ohio. For that we are thankful.

  8. Some nasty man boobs in there.

    And why do they all seem to be in their 40s and 50s? What are they worried about? Nature, through aging, seems to be taking care of the desexualization all by itself.

  9. Like every nudist beach and “naked protest”, the combatants are ALWAYS fat, very middle class and either merely middle-aged or actually elderly. It is one of Nature’s finest jokes.

  10. Interesting that there isn’t any large shot of the crowd…im pretty sure there were more “journalists” than actual marchers.

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