Well done to Richard Murphy here, well done indeed.

He quotes Eamonn Butler:

Without constitutional rules to prevent minorities being exploited by majorities, democracy will turn into mere majoritarian populism, or into rotating elected dictatorships.

Then, via a link to schools segregation in Virginia, we get to this from Smurf:

What’s the link with Charlottesville? Well, that’s where much of this economic logic began, and not least as part of the resistance to the process of granting equal rights. And as the right wing have got more powerful, and their think tanks more aggressive it is appropriate to make clear that their aim is to defend fundamental divides in society.

So, how and why was school desegregation, indeed all of Jim Crow, overturned? Constitutional protections preventing minorities being exploited by majorities, exactly that protection from majoritarian populism.

Thus we at the ASI are racist fascists because we support the constitutional limitations which prevent something like Jim Crow.

That’s pretty good even by Richard Murphy’s standards.

10 thoughts on “Well done to Richard Murphy here, well done indeed.”

  1. Richard Murphy, November 2015:

    “Two weeks ago I got back from Montreal with a sickly iPhone. It transpired, when I took the case off, that this had become structural: the back if four year old phone was literally falling to pieces within it. Repair would have cost over £200: a Samsung A3 is now doing the job for less than that.”

    Evil, evil Apple. Being expensive and making their products go wrong. Ritchie will never touch them again.


    “The PDF of that is available here. [Mindmap]”

    PDF Producer: iPhone OS 9.3.5 Quartz PDFContext

    A man of his principles as always.

  2. > preventing minorities being exploited by majorities

    No doubt someone will be along in a moment to draw a parallel with the Brexit vote.

  3. “No doubt someone will be along in a moment to draw a parallel with the Brexit vote.”

    Cause Brexit is the equivalent of segregation

  4. We all know that Murphy is a moron. Perhaps if those on the left stop calling everyone who disagreed with them a fascist and or racist then perhaps things would not get so heated. Wikipedia defines fascism as “Fascism /ˈfæʃɪzəm/ is a form of radical authoritarian nationalism, characterized by dictatorial power, forcible suppression of opposition, and control of industry and commerce” which sounds more like the curajus state + antifa then anything else. These so called fascists at the weekend were heavily armed with assault rifles/automatic weaponsb – but how many shots fired?……..zero

  5. Tim

    Thanks for posting this up – I thought it important to more widely publicise the disgraceful attempt at equivalence between those who oppose his neo-communist tendencies and actual neo-nazis. The man is truly beneath contempt. And I would echo the excellent Moqifen, although while accurate to describe him as a moron implies he’s merely stupid, which I agree is certainly the case, but there’s a greater malevolence at work here.

  6. @van patten -i dont think he’s merely stupid – just his ideas /reasoning and conclusions. He’s not a complete moron as he’s able to attract funds to finance his delusions.- perhaps he’s a” moron on a mission” (from god?)

  7. Hang on! Wasn’t it the Democrats in the Deep South who put in place all those Jim Crow laws and insisted that the Republicans remove the troops who were trying to calm down the Democrats’s para-military arm – aka The KKK – and permit racial INtegration to happen?

  8. Bloke in Costa Rica

    I’ve said before that sufficiently advanced stupidity is indistinguishable from malice. With Murphy his stupidity is so pervasive and all-encompassing that it takes on an evil character of its own. He’d be evil even if he weren’t stupid, of course.

    As for fascist-on-tascist hijinks in the US: the Left is reaping what it has sown. It should be noted that it was the Sparts that started the aggro and the police, obviously under orders from the Clinton family crime boss McAuliffe stood by and did nothing. If the neo-Nazis had shouldered their AR-15s and fired a few thousand rounds into the Antifa snowflakes it would have been his fault (and it would have been seriously funny, as well).

  9. He’s more than happy for the high earning minority to be exploited by the low to middle earning majority.

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