Well, not quite, no

Woman Dies While ‘Laughing Too Hard’ In US
The tragedy happened just as her students were getting ready to return to school from summer break.

It wasn’t actually the Monty Python joke:

A US school teacher died after she accidentally fell off a rooftop balcony while laughing during a vacation in Mexico, according to a media report.

Sharon Regoli Ciferno, 50, a teacher at Charles A Huston Middle School in the US state of Pennsylvania, was with her daughter at a friend’s house in Mexico on Monday when she sat on a deck ledge that doubled as a bench.

“She started laughing very hard and when she put her head back she lost her balance and fell back,” her brother David Regoli was quoted as saying by the Fox News.

“She suffered multiple injuries to her body and brain,” he said.

She died from falling off a roof.

Still, at least she died happy*.

*This is my entry in the Rod Liddle Bad Taste Award for this week. No doubt that Sunday Times column is just about to be offered.

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  1. I seem to be in a peculiarly pedantic mood this morning, so apologies to all concerned, but I doubt she “died” happy. I expect she was happy until she realised that she was falling and from then until she hit the concrete and died I would think she was probably quite unhappy!

  2. Puts one in mind of the sexual term given in Viz’s Profanisaurus: “Wet as Rod Hull’s roof.”

    In fact one probably has to go back to 1975 to find someone who actually died laughing.

    ‘According to his wife Nessie, Mr Mitchell, 50, was in stitches throughout the episode then “gave a tremendous belly laugh, slumped on the sofa and died”. She later sent a letter to the Goodies thanking them for making her husband’s final moments so happy.’

  3. I have had a few episodes of Laughter-Induced Syncope, Kate Winslet talking dirty on Extras accounting for one, but the Goodies never came close. The first time it happened I woke up covered in red wine and MrsBud was blubbering. Having forced me to have numerous tests that all proved negative, she now just jumps up when I’m having a belly laugh and grabs my wine glass.

  4. Interesting question there, Interested. It’s going to depend on the flight time, isn’t it? Taking a pitch off my penthouse terrace would give her.a bit over 2 seconds airborne. About enough time to notice & get to WT…? But shouldn’t think, even in Mexico, they go in for unfenced apartment block roofs. More realistic is a 2-3 m drop. Under a second. Women are known for changing their moods at lighning speed. But, by definition, an unhappy women requires some man to blame. Far too short an interval to run through a list of candidates.

  5. BiS,

    experienced time stretches when an event such as falling over happens, I slipped on some ones drive the other day and as I lost my footing and realised that a fall was inevitable I had time to think and do the following,

    Whoa (as my feet went woosh).
    Shit..(as I passed the point of no return).
    Oh Fuck, this is going to hurt.
    Oh Shit, there are concrete steps right behind me.
    I’m going to crack my fucking skull open if I hit them.

    with that I managed to twist slightly and brace myself for the impact, my ribs connected (hard) with the bottom step and my hair (which is short) just touched the top step.

    Time from slip to impact must only have been microseconds but there was plenty of time to recognise the seriousness of the situation and take whatever avoidable actions I could, I was lucky to only have bruised ribs.

    That poor woman would have had an age between the shock of finding herself falling, realising that her fall was going to be fatal and finally hitting the ground.

  6. There was a story in the local paper, this week, about a policeman who “died from being bitten by a feral cat”.

    When you read further, it turned out that the poor man actually died from a reaction to the drugs that the hospital gave him to prevent infection. If they had been less paranoid about cats, he might be alive today.

  7. Interested,

    the Brain works in weird ways as well, about an hour after the event it did occur to me that I could in fact be lying in an ever expanding pool of blood on the steps and it was only in my imagination that I had got up and continued to do normal things (although with painful ribs), Terry Pratchett sprang to mind.

  8. Maritime Barbarian

    Wat dabney – thanks for that reference to the man who died laughing. I immediately thought of that when Tim posted the subject, but my memory told me the man was laughing at Python.
    The Python “Fatal Joke” was never told aloud though the German translation – used in warfare – was spoken. Never found out what it meant.

  9. It’s random German gibberish with broken German gramatic structure.
    If that is the nun’s piece and soldier’s commander? Yes! dog-named-after-Beiher or the Pinball Forest is broken!

  10. Bob – the pool would have stopped expanding by then but I like the way yours works. Perhaps we’re all figments of each other’s imagination, or our own.

  11. “That poor woman would have had an age between the shock of finding herself falling, realising that her fall was going to be fatal and finally hitting the ground.”

    Yes, she had surely stopped laughing before she hit the ground.

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