What is the justification for this?

Twitter is “failing women” who are victims of online threats and abuse by taking far too long to remove hateful and misogynistic content, Britain’s leading women’s rights charity warns today.

Yeah, Yeah, yeah….

The offending tweets included a vile slur on the late MP Jo Cox,


The argument is that such threats are, umm, threats. You know, I’ll do you physical harm stuff. There is no such justification for complaining about someone being rude about the dead.

as we all knew it would the demands are moving beyond the possible justification, aren’t they?

8 thoughts on “What is the justification for this?”

  1. The Daily Fucking Telegraph. Mind you, most of our retired colonels are transfolk called Wendy now, so maybe that’s where the money is.

    I’m tempted to move to the Outer Hebrides with all the books I haven’t yet read, a thousand bottles of decent scotch and no Internet, and shut the door on this ludicrous, trivial, embarrassing, juvenile country and its culture.

  2. If Mrs. Balls wishes to do something about hateful and misogynistic content, she can start on aspects of Labour’s social policies. Her boss has given the phrase, “Votes For Women”, a meaning far removed from that intended when. it was coined.

  3. I sneeze in threes

    “Twitter is “failing women” “, a bit harsh, they are not all failures. Now Tumblr, that’s a different matter.

  4. My understanding of Twitter is you only get Tweets from people you follow or whom you permit to follow you.

    Isn’t the solution not to follow/allow to follow those being abusive, threatening, etc… or is that just too easy?

    I suppose if you solve your own problems, you can’t turn them into a cause.

  5. “ludicrous, trivial, embarrassing, juvenile country and its culture.”

    We are plagued by the scum of the left and their media creatures and a shitty state education system.

    Does a turd floating on the ocean mean the entire ocean is polluted? I think not.

    Retreats to assorted islands is a loser tactic. Lets use our brainpower to devise better ways to hit back at our foes.

    Then you can drink your Scotch in your own living room without freezing sea mist trying to break in thro’ every door and window in your house.

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