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What was it this time?

Residents along a five-mile-stretch of Sussex coast have been warned to stay inside and close their windows after a noxious “chemical haze” swept over a beauty spot and left 133 people requiring hospital treatment.

The French boiling garlic again? Or that soap dodging coming to a head?

9 thoughts on “What was it this time?”

  1. The dumping of inconvenient stuff after the cessation of various hostilities doesn’t seem to have been particularly well done or that well documented – I wonder if a van from Porton Down is in the area?

  2. theProle

    indeed – the Irish Sea off Stranraer (Beaufort’s Dyke) is probably the best known – but not the only one by a long way….. That said – it’s unlikely that the dumping vessels had much precision navigation and were under quite a lot of pressure to get on with it – there have been “incidents” of items found quite a distance from the supposed dump site – the items concerned don’t as a rule have much buoyancy.

    I’m not aware of a comprehensive public resource of what was dumped where…. The MoD are *very* twitchy about it.

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