Wonder if Owen Jones sent his congratulations?

Maduro said he had received congratulations from the governments of Cuba, Bolivia and Nicaragua, among others.

And David Sirota, Mark Weisbrot, Podemos, Syriza……

15 thoughts on “Wonder if Owen Jones sent his congratulations?”

  1. I wonder how many of these prominent loony lefties are actually still in favour of political executions?

    I remember reading back in 2001-ish a writeup of a “death penalty in Cuba” conference attended by the leading lights of the Left, such as Chomsky et al. The verdict was along the lines of “capital punishment is necessary in the early stages to protect a Revolution, but should be gently abolished”. They just couldn’t bring themselves to condem Cuba’s historic and (at that time) continued use of the death penalty, whereas e.g. the US using capital punishment against murderers was totally different, because not socialism.

  2. In contemplating the scum of the left it is difficult not to want to butcher the fucking lot of them and throw their worthless carcases into a handy skip to rot.

    The danger of allowing the mind such licence is obvious. And the need is to retain ones own humanity should be what stays the hand rather than any compassion for the vile, lying, thieving, arrogant ,tyrannical, murdering scum of the Earth that is socialism and the scum who adhere to it.

  3. “No independent observers monitored the vote, and other South American countries such as Colombia, Panama, Peru and Argentina have refused to recognise it.” Catholic Herald. Wonder why Owen forebore to mention this?

  4. Yet another in-depth report on Radio 4 this evening without once mentioning the magical S word. Or even that Maduro is left wing.

    Of course, if it were a right wing government this would be explained every other sentence.

  5. One of the most irritating aspects of modern life is how Left-wing extremists like Corbyn, Livingstone etc are declared to “have their hearts in the right place”. They don’t. They are genuinely nasty people, motivated by genuinely nasty motives. Livingstone’s record of public statements is so toxic it would have destroyed any Tory with just 1% of what he has said.

  6. I notice the Venezuelan woman at work has bought this week’s Economist.

    Hugely capable woman, runs a street food stall as a sideline. I don’t suppose she is typical of her nationality or she wouldn’t be here but it does make me wonder how successful the country could be under proper (small) government.

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