You gorra larf, eh?

Such compliments, such sweet nothings

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  1. It’s deeply concerning that this guy is (at least according to his profile on Linkedin) the Times Personal Finance Editor. My first thoughts are:

    1/ He can’t be this invincibly ignorant, can he?

    2/ Why is the Times now in the business of employing snowflakes in the hitherto untouched areas of the business/money pages? – this is a deeply concerning trend.

    Otherwise I would add these to the ‘Vainglory’ section (Which I think needs an update anyhow….)

  2. Tim, you aren’t deluded and you can comprehend simple articles.

    Maybe he has a point with argumentative and stubborn, but that’s two good reasons we read you (and not the Times!)

    I wonder if the guy still doesn’t get it, or if he realises his mistake and is just reacting to the humiliation.

  3. Think and read carefully before publishing? But that’s the entire basis of validatable research. How the F??? did he manage to graduate from where-ever he crawled from? How on earth did he even managed to get and A levels or O levels?

  4. a short precis.
    Andrew-Amazon’s rates just went down Car dealerships went up. When amazon sells cars,,expect blood.
    Timothy- Err..they do chose quite different locations and anyway look here everybody this guy thinks car dealerships are the ones who bear the cost of rates. LOL
    Andrew: you’re embarrassing yourself rates are paid by the tenant not landlord dummy.
    Timothy: err.., how to put this… it’s well known landlords bear its cost of property taxes. Don’t take my word for it me look up property tax incidence in the econ .
    Andrew [Having looked up tax incidence] – i don’t like you. Wasn’t talking about rates anyway. goodbye.

  5. And even if he was right about rates, the article is misguided because he seems to believe that it’s the government’s job to protect particular retailers, whereas in fact it’s the consumer that we need to worry about.

  6. Ellson could simply have said he didn’t agree with you, respectfully, etc. But he clearly has an ego the size of Asia. Twitter is for promoting himself – not for being contradicted.

    On Twitter today, he’s promoting his front-page Times article about kiddies being exposed to gambling ads. (What about the children!)

    His website says he has an A-level in Economics and a 2:1 in Economics & Politics from LSE:

    I never studied economics, yet it seems my limited grasp of tax incidence is better than Ellson’s. I let my spacious 3-bedroom flat in central Cambridge beside the Botanical Gardens for £1500pcm. If my tenants didn’t have to pay £4000pa in Council Tax, I could ask for more rent. QED, Mr Ellson?

  7. TimN

    “My guess is a family member got him a job at The Times. That seems to be how it works for most journalists.”

    Careful, Tim. Ellson is belligerent, so could be litigious. You could have phrased that more prudently.

    I subscribe to The Times, but I often find your
    altogether better for comment – except on Mondays when Matt Ridley (pbuh) heads up the Comment section. The rest of them are recycled Blairites.

  8. Bloke in Wales in Dorset

    Not for Cambridge.

    I was paying >£1200pa cuntcil tax for a bedsit in the sticks, not so long ago. And all that just for having a single bin bag taken away every fortnight.

  9. I’m paying about £850pa for a band B with single person discount in Derbyshire… (again, it seems a lot of cash for what I get back, and it keeps getting put up by more than inflation)

  10. There’s still many people who think council tax is for services that they might use. With adult social care and children’s services accounting for 2/3rds of where council tax goes, there is pretty much no connection.

  11. Theo – I used to subscribe to the Times but got rid of it because I found it’s Continuity New Labour stance and bien-pensant smug whinging too nauseating.

    In the end I was only reading it for Rod Liddle and Mike Atherton. I can live without Athers and still get Rod for free once a week without having to suffer Parris, Kamm and all the others who blur into one.

    And it’s not as if they ever break a real story. That front page about gambling ads is a straight drop from the charity concerned.

  12. PF
    Yes, that’s redistributive taxation for you, based on property value. My tenants – and indirectly me as landlord – are paying for ‘social services’ (aka supporting dysfunctional lifestyles) and ‘education/indoctrination’ in other parts of the County when most tenants use only highways and refuse collecton. And the City Council are a bunch of commie halfwits.

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