Ah, yes, the no-Brexit option

Jeremy Corbyn today faces calls from across the Labour movement to commit to full and permanent membership of the EU single market and customs union – so the party can offer a clear alternative to the Tories over Brexit.

One of those areas where there’s a tad of a difference between those who run Labour and those who vote for it. For of course membership of both of those also requires free movement and the ECJ, or as we might also put it, not-Brexit at all.

Be interesting to see what does happen to the vote if they really go for this. It Ukip (RIP) were still a factor then that Labour vote would be eviscerated – at least I believe so – but how many will cross to vote for Tories(spit!) on this issue alone?

22 thoughts on “Ah, yes, the no-Brexit option”

  1. Please , please do so Jezza. Please suck middle-class Marxist Bliar-cock and destroy yourself and your gang.

    Working class white people know that the EU and migration are about destroying them and their country.

    With a proper Brexit on his card Grandpa death has a chance. Even tho he and his gang are lying scum.

    With a brazen sellout that wedges open the gates to Dindustan Corbog is fucked. Stupid Remainiac scum in ZaNu think they can both gather what is left of the Remainiac orcs and the “My Dad voted Labour –but was a patriot who loved and maybe fought for his country” types in the same tent.


    If it is the Tories or EuroTyranny and Dindustan the white working class will choose the Tories.

    This is why the Fish-Faced cunt is such a danger.

    If it is a Brexit sell-out in all directions plus Dindustan forever they will abstain, weirdvote or maybe vote for ZaNu out of hopeless resignation.

    The Cowcunt must go. And quick.

    I’ll be back to pestering Tory HQ with emails and letters tomorrow. The pressure must be kept up. They should have booted the slag by now not still be letting her get away with the shite she is trying to pull.

  2. And of course Jizza won’t be able to gather all the Remain orcs either.

    ZaNu’s Bliar-trash can’t restrain McNasty and his crew once they get in.

    Which would mean that nasty well-off middle class London Bubble BluLabour scum like NewRemainiac would have to vote for a gang that will be looking to put their dirty fingernails in his well-off hide from day one.

    Which puts to the test how big a bunch of traitors The Facepainter and his gang are.

    Will they vote to sell-out their nation EVEN if it personally could cost them everything? Esp if Jizz gets to go full Venezuela 2 on our arse. Will Facepaint airbrush himself and his ilk into the gutter just to kiss Euro-minge?

    Lets hear from him on this score. He has spewed plenty of shite on this blog. Let’s hear the truth for once.

  3. How many will cross to vote for Tories?

    Not enough, unfortunately. Blue collar voters switched to Thatcher in the 70s and 80s because they were aspirational and didn’t want their hard-earned gains being expropriated by Labour and distributed amongst the brothers. It’s not so easy to break out of your inherited circumstances these days, you are more likely to be more dependent on State handouts – and the promise of Labour largesse is a seductive argument.

  4. I voted to leave the EU, it was obvious that the EU was going to be perennially interfering in our lives without democratic accountability and that they really are trying to create a federal states of Europe.

    But I don’t understand what’s happening now? It’s obvious that Brexit really is going titsup! May has basically asked that the UK be a vassal state of the EU for at least 2 years. Why? Politically it’s obvious that she is constrained by the ultra brexiteers, not the remoaners. The only explanation I can see is that the EU isn’t going to accommodate the UK and the government has decided–glimpsed reality I’m guessing–that no deal isn’t better than a bad deal?

    And if that’s the case then the Worstall approach to Brexit is BS. It’s just ideology. Don’t get me wrong in the long term free-market and free-trade is where we need to be, but in the here and now it’s reality and how we technically extricate ourselves that’s paramount. And in seeming to ignore that you’re behaving like those progressive ponces who constantly place their ideology above reality.

    It’s easy to define Brexit according to ones own beliefs and then shout out at every red line transgression, the difficult thing is coming up with a plan that will actually deliver what citizens voted for: leaving the European Union.

  5. Blair’s proposal could rescue Labour, if Corbyn is brave enough to follow his advice: to remain in the EU but implement the strictest immigration controls permissible.

    It’s a bet which presupposes that Leave voters were largely bothered about immigration, and are willing to ignore the other issues (sovereignty, etc.). Given that the next election is five years off though, they’d be wise to maintain ambiguity for the time being.

  6. How exactly is May constrained by the Brexiteers Gary? She didn’t need to call an election and she could have told the Remain gang–with which SHE has surrounded herself, no one forced scum like Hammond and Rudd on the evil bitch–to fuck off. And done the same in Florence.

    Your are a Remain troll mate trying to do your bit for your scummy cause. You try and posture as working class but the “one” bit gives it away–you middle class treasonous “ponce”. (Find it online under “1970s working class slang” did you?)

  7. So, “The only Brexit we support is one that leaves us in the EU”. What is it these screaming demands to be prevented from being able to make their own decisions? Wah Wah! I don’t like this, so everybody must be banned from doing it.

    Clearly we need to strip them of legal adulthood, that’s what they are demanding.

    And I still haven’t found out what people mean by “membership of”/”access to” the single market that doesn’t actually turn out to be “in the customs union”. Again, another demand to be prevented from being able to make our own decisions.


    If Corby blocks the Dindustan Express where will he get 5 million or so votes to ensure his gang can never be shifted? Plus he is a middle class CM prick who hates the whie working class.

    Much like you Andrew M if you think all the White Working Class care about is keeping their country. We have had a bellyful of middle class leftshite who ( like Willy fucking Hutton and all suchlike scum) think the Sun shines out of their arse and the rest of us will jump when they and their foreign masters shout frog.

    Have you all forgotten Druncker and his “Euro for all shite”? All the tyrannical bollocks that Remain liars said was just fantasy is now on the cards.

    It is the supposed 48 % whose numbers are shrinking fast.

  9. I can’t get my head round Labour head office: do they really think that non-CU Swi, Lie, Nor and Ice are schitholes on average with thickos in charge.
    Or do they genuinely not know the difference between the single market and the customs union? and why the first is not bad, and the second is the regulatory embodiment of chicken filth being rubbed in your face.

  10. Mr Ecks

    It’s the eurosceptic wing of the Tory party which has a position and organisation and is applying pressure; there is no remoaner “wing”! Just a bunch of remoaner cucks.

    May is asking that we remain bound by EU regulations even after we have left, she thinks for up to 2 years, but the actual time was open ended I think (time to get the trade deal in place). That really is the shittest position to put the UK in with regards the EU. That’s just bending over, applying a good dose of lube and asking for it really hard. The EU must be wetting themselves.

    If we need an interim period, then the only sane position is EEA. I understand why that is reviled but it gets us completely out of the EU under an existing and mature set of treaties that would give the UK loads of room to manoeuvre: we could immediately start organising new trade deals and retake our position in the WTO, shaping trade rules at source (before they even get to the EU). We wouldn’t be bound by the ECJ, though we would be required to take note of its rulings, and only the regulations of the single market would apply. Yes we would have to accept free movement of labour, but we will be accepting that in May’s deal anyway, and anyway there is far more wiggle room under the EEA than under the EU. But most important of all the EU wouldn’t have us by the short and curlies.

    But May wouldn’t be able to sell EEA as an interim arrangement to her own party.

    If we can’t leave the EU on WTO rules; and I haven’t seen anything that looks anything near credible–mostly just wishful thinking and EU crumpling to “save” German car industry. Then we need a plan B, and the only one I’ve heard that seems like it would work is EEA (in the single market but outside the customs union), either as an interim or permanent with plans to then reform EEA.

    It is in this vein that I find all this shouting that Brexit must mean leaving the single market so bloody depressing. In the end it’s going to be the brexiteers that really shit up Brexit. And Worstall’s one of them.

  11. If Corbyn gets in worrying about Brexit will be the least of your problems. Avoiding the Stasi will be a lot more pressing.

  12. You are still full of shit Gazza–possibly some of it imported from Richard North.

    No remain Tories?–when most of their fucking MPs are remain stooges and May has filled her Cabinet with them?

    Piss off. We want neither the EEA–this is North’s tripe–nor May’s bullshit.

    And you are still a troll.

  13. This Week – Good segment

    Wetherspoons’ Boss Tim Martin Says We Should Leave the EU Now

    Well Porti, instead of undermining May support her – you do want UK to suceed post Brexit?

    Most worrying was May “…don’t want UK to have an unfair competitive advantage…”

    Stupid, stupid woman – regarding trade, tax, regulations etc that competitive advantage is Exactly why we are leaving.

    She gave EU £20Bn in return for nothing – when will she learn EU does not negotiate, it’s take it or leave it.

  14. @Gary Moran

    I don’t agree with most of what you posted, but it’s coherent and reasonable opinion.

    Thus, unlike newmania, dbc et al…

    …you are not a troll

    Ecks, calm down.

  15. OK then Mr Ecks, what’s the plan?

    We currently enjoy frictionless trade with the EU. You want to sell to Europe? Load up your van, get it on the Chunnel, on the other side drive van to destination, unload goods. That’s basically it. When we leave, and become a third country, then unless we work something out, we can’t do that anymore. Given 40‰ of our exports go to the EU that becomes a phenomenonal problem. That’s the WTO or no deal option. 10 years later we might end up in a better situation but the immediate consequence will be chaos. Do you back this plan?

    There is the May option of leaving the EU but complying fully with their regulations while we negotiate a bilateral trade deal like Canada’s but which gives us the frictionless access of the EEA agreement (something that the EU says is not possible). Do you back this plan?

    There is something based on EEA, this is viable from the perspective of being technically workable but is currently political poison. You obviously wouldn’t tolerate this?

    Is there anything else we can do?

    Again what’s your plan?

    We have to work out a reality based solution to Brexit. The noise from Farage and Rees-Mogg is fantasy, it’s worthless. Just because I agree with their underlying ideology doesn’t make its application to Brexit any less nonsensical than the ravings of Corbyn, Momentum and the Senior Lecturer on the free market.

    We need another workable solution, or we need to politically embrace EEA. Because if we don’t we are going to end up with a shitty Brexit.

    So I’m all ears. What’s your plan? Or Worstall’s plan? Or any plan that might work?

    P. S. I love Worstall’s blog, been reading it for years. But this fantasy crap about Brexit, I gotta say something.

  16. WTO or a proper negotiated deal. No sell-outs either North style or May’s cocksuck.

    Any such latter deal is unlikely as the EU don’t care who suffers and have no intent of serious negotiation. Thanks to May it is now impossible. At least as long as the bitch is in.

    Neither don’t care either. If you haven’t noticed Gazza this is a war–so far without the lead. It isn’t about the fucking money–not in the short term tho’ long term we could rise to the sky with freedom and true free markets. Anymore than WW2 was about the cash as TIS pointed out. It is about whether we have a chance of having a free decent society for the future or live–ie try to exist– under an ever-more thieving and dictatorial police state. You can argue we already are. Well one police state we can break but not 28 plus the Brussels scum.

    Piss on your money-grubbing Gary. and your fear.

    If the EU won’t deal sensibly then WTO and fuck the short-term consequences. Though the skies fall they will rise again if we can get back our freedom from the internationalist cabals.

  17. “Neither don’t care either” should read “I don’t care either”.

    Also Gaz me old troll can’t you do any better than bog-standard astroturfing?

    “I love your blog and follow it all the time BUT BUT BUT….” was old and tired 10 years ago.

  18. So WTO and then a trade deal in the longer term, and accept the pain. With regards to what the stakes are, yes agreed, and if the only way to do this was just take the pain, well yeah I’d agree again, the price would be worth it. Under WTO rules we can actually restrict EU imports to reduce the economic harm, it’s what the Ruskies did when we put all the sanctions on them. Obviously we disagree that this is necessary.

    But I don’t think Tim is saying there will be any pain, just milk and honey.

    I’ve been reading the blog daily for about 10 years, bought his book Chasing Rainbows, would buy his new-ish book on Economics but now I drive to work I don’t have time to read anymore. I don’t comment much, perhaps the odd energy or climate piece. Climate change is my main hobby horse, I’m more sceptical than Tim. It’s how I noticed the blog in the first place. And it was the EU’s renewable energy directive that made me first realise what we were actually signed up for and how our politicians had sold us down the river.

  19. My actual position on this is that there will be pain but it will be worth it for unilateral free trade will make us gobsmackingly rich over time.

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