Sure, I think she’s cocked the deal but still:

The prime minister did not place a figure on Britain’s commitments to the EU but two Brussels sources put the net divorce bill yesterday at about £40 billion.

I do just have this feeling that what we think the bill is also has some relevance…..

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  1. So Much For Subtlety

    And just in time for Christmas, Britain’s credit rating has been downgraded because, in part, May shows no signs of getting the debt under control. Just as Cameron and Boy George did not.

    The money is beginning to matter. But what matters more is that May wants to leave immigration under the control of the EU Courts. Lynching is too good for her.

  2. I and others I know have already made 8 complaints about the bitch to Tory HQ(-020 7222 9000–and use the email on the Conservative party website).

    If all the 17.2 million Brexit voters plus several million new supporters — thanks to Drunkers pronouncements– also let the scum of BluLabour have it –then the Fish-Faced Cunts position will rapidly become untenable. Rapidly.

    Nor should the storm stop. Email or ring every fucking day.

    The stench here is a Bliar/BluLabour stitch-up. Corbyn’s gang and BluLab are now offering the same deal. Effectively meaning that UKIP is once again the only Brexit party and thanks to the Theo types has no chance of being voted in.

    Both ZaNu and BluLabour must now be destroyed.

  3. Slightly to amend Robert Conquest, the best way to understand any large bureaucracy is to assume it is run by a cabal of people who despise those for whom they are meant to be working.

  4. Solid Steve 2: Squirrels of The Patriots

    The Hungarians and Poles seem to be the only responsible adults in the room.

    I didn’t have high hopes for Calamity May, but she’s still managed to be a bigger disappointment than Cliff Richard’s sex tips.

  5. Seriously the counter briefing levels are ridiculous. No journalist i read or saw who trailed this was anywhere near what May eventually said.

    My take on the speech was she said -Uk decides what happens in uk- that’s the principle we’re sticking too whatever. We won’t ask the EU to bastardise their single market and customs union rules, so we’ll be out of them. Everything else negotiable. But we will need to work it detail by detail because the current trade deals EU has with others quite obviously don’t reflect the current level of harmonisation of regs and importance of the trade going between UK and EU.

    Thus to buy time UK’ll seek 2 years transitional deal, which will be reflected in our contributions and that’ll help EU with their commitments.

  6. I don’t see the £40 billion here. Continuing commitments from 2019-2021are about £20billion net.
    And the Guardian is remarkably quiet and Joh Redwood is content, which suggests she has done nothing more than set up a 2-year holding pattern. This is just a little bit of common sense really, the big questions having been kicked down the road until we can work out the details.

  7. Ironman- yes so effectively if transitional deal is 2 years of full access then it will be 20 bill per year. But the sense is that it won’t be full and i assume the less than full would mean less contribution. The original EU insisted upon format was set up to avoid this trading of cash for access, but since Theresa was talking about transitional deal then it at least has a chance to work. Once it’s done and dusted both sides can feel a little freer to come up with a customised solution.

  8. If it’s a divorce, and we’re paying because we’re the petitioner, that means we’ll be getting alimony doesn’t it?

  9. Ecksy

    “…thanks to the Theo types [UKIP] has no chance of being voted in.”

    The reason that UKIP has no chance of being voted in is that it is an undisciplined rabble — and that its support has largely returned to Labour from whence it came.

  10. No Theo –the “My Dads” had gone back to ZaNu–before the Blair gang somehow worked the “Brexit in name only” scam on Corbog. Now they are up for UKIP voting again.

    After Friday it seems your gang are brazenly “All BluLabour All the time” and you–their membership– are powerless to do shit about it. As you will be powerless to cause a stink at the Party caper which will have every prick they can find to ensure any noise from the likes of you will stay behind your false teeth.

    That is what NOT being an “undisciplined rabble” means in practice. Your scum leaders do what they like and what you want means the square root of fuckall.

    Go ahead Theo–prove me wrong–kick the treasonous bitch out on her arse. Or keep your gob shut and pay your dues just like they tell you to.

  11. Ecksy

    At the GE, the UKIP vote collapsed, and those deserting UKIP split 7:3 in favour of Corbyn rather than May. There is no evidence that many of those former UKIP voters would vote differently now. Farage – a politician of genius – was part of UKIP’s appeal to the lower classes. With him gone and the Brexit vote won, the lower classes seem to feel its time their handouts were increased and so are supporting Corbyn.

    As for May, I have never liked her. She is a ditherer and a typical Tory matron. I said so here after Cameron resigned.

  12. “There is no evidence that many of those former UKIP voters would vote differently now. ”

    They know that the EEA is a sellout that is why they will vote.

    I see you have nothing to offer in respect of your own crew so–in the absence of evidence to the contrary–I see no reason not to take it that even you agree with my assessment of BluLabour.

    Going to resign Theo?

  13. May’s speech was disappointing. Not least because she has made it clear she’s only ever considered EFTA/EEA as a possible destination and doesn’t see it as a potential transitional arrangement. Why the insistence on a bespoke deal? That only seems to benefit the EU in avoiding an easy exit process and preventing a rush for the door by other members.

    I’m also very suspicious of the bits about promising we’ll copy legislation from the EU on citizens rights and allowing UK courts to formally consider EU court judgments after we’ve left. Both are some way towards the effect of EU extra-territorial jurisdiction in the UK after we’ve left.

    Brexit was a chance for the UK to strike a different balance with how much we look to the EU and how much we look to the rest of the world for our business and political relationships. May is dogmatically seeking the closest possible relationship with the EU which is Leave in name only.

    On the slim chance that May is playing some kind of game where she offers the EU everything it might want short of Remain, hoping they will reject even that, then she isn’t operating in good faith.

  14. “They know that the EEA is a sellout that is why they will vote.”

    That’s a statement of faith, Ecksy. All the evidence shows that the lower classes tend to be tribally Labour. The referendum offered an opportunity to vote for Brexit, but now it’s politics as usual.

    And as for UKIP, it’s a fragmented rabble, so there’s nowhere for for former UKIP voters who have returned to Labour to go:


    EEA-lite is a sell-out. But I’m not going to resign from the Tory party, because I want a vote on who replaces May.

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