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Harriet Harman has accused Jacob Rees-Mogg of being a “deadbeat dad” and demanded that parliament change its rules to allow MPs six months of paid leave after having a child.

Labour’s former deputy leader criticised the Tory MP after he said he was no “modern man” and had never changed a nappy following the birth of his sixth child, Sixtus.

“Men who don’t change nappies are deadbeat dads – and that includes Jacob Rees-Mogg,” said Harman.

Someone who has made his own fortune is a deadbeat dad these days. I’m sure he inherited one too and word is the wife is loaded but still.

48 thoughts on “Ahahahahahahaha”

  1. Bloke in North Dorset

    Aren’t MPs paid whether or not they turn up? And if they do take 6 months who’s representing their constituents?

    His children are going to want for nothing, if only all deadbeat dads provided for their children in the same way society would be a damn sight better.

  2. “Rachel Reeves, a Labour MP, said she was shocked to open her payslip and realise that her wages had suddenly been slashed with no warning….”

    I parse from that MPs have been taking their leave and reverting to statutory maternity pay. Which hasn’t given them a shock in the sense they didn’t know about it,, but gave them a shock when they realised.. hold on.. i make the fucking laws in this country and when i get back that’s the first thing i’m going to sort out.

  3. What’s her opinion on black men who father children by different women and don’t lift a finger to raise them? Has she commented?

  4. Jacob is tops

    One of the few with integrity. Despite being utterly posh, very few are put off by that.

    He is bright, calm and knows a serious amount.

    Labour need to put the boot in now cos even they can see he is a rising star.

    But as ever, they are simpletons. Attacks like this from a h@• like Harman will have exactly the opposite effect.

  5. Fucking pathetic. Deadbeat Dad? That’s the best that the supporters of mass-murder, tyranny and RoP takeover can do?

  6. “But as ever, they are simpletons. Attacks like this from a h@• like Harman will have exactly the opposite effect”

    Very true. It is surprising that while the left are excellent at a lot of the propaganda, lies and manipulation they churn out, they really misunderstand human nature at times and massive underestimate the value people put on characteristic like integrity, honesty, trust. I guess it is because these things are a mystery to them. Interesting to watch when their attacks go awry like this. The same thing happened with Trump.

  7. What’s all the fuss about JRM recently?

    He’s white, male, smart, a Tory, and not on-message with the consensus imposed by the political establishment. And people seem to like him.

    In short, they’re terrified so are going all Trump-is-a-Nazi on him.

  8. It’s standard leftist tactics.

    Let’s take a term used to describe people who are, for good reasons, looked down upon or even despised. Say “deadbeat dads” or “fascists”.

    Then let’s consistently apply it to a much wider or, even, wholly different group and taint them with the despite applied to Group 1.

    Say “dads who don’t change nappies” or “people who don’t wholly and vocally support our insanity du jour.”

  9. Theo- that was weird very wierd… Marina starts off saying Jacob’s schtick is affected, then backed it up by sayin off the record old etonians say he was just like that at school, though not at school with him Boris would have heard about him. Then she says if that doesn’t convince you not to like him he’s not really as authentically posh as Bertie Wooster.

  10. Upper middle class (cultural Marxist scum) people making (deliberate not) deranged attacks based upon (any pretext they think will fly with their idiot readers such as) class on (non-cultural Marxist ) upper class people.

    Does that clarify it?

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  12. We just have to remember the deranged attacks on him from Fatty and Ice to realise that His Moggness scares them

  13. It’s fortunate that Harriet Harman has such a spotless personal record on issues concerning the care of children, otherwise we’d have to call her a hypocrite…

  14. Rees-Mogg is seen as a future Tory party leader when May is deposed, the attacks are coming from within his own party as well as the right wing of the opposition.

    That RM is seen as the best of the bunch shows just how pitiful the ruling class has become, just look at the last lot of deadbeats that ran for the Tory/Labour/LD leadership positions.

    Elections have become a process of picking the ‘Least-Worst’ candidate in a three legged horse race at the glue factory.

  15. “What’s all the fuss about JRM recently?”

    He holds views which would have been held by the majority of British people in 1965. Therefore he’s a dangerous extremist.

  16. Unsurprising that equally posh former pupil of St. Pauls does t know what a deadbeat dad is.

    I rather tire of this notching between posh minority figures in a house that is supposed to be the best of our peers.

    Why are there so many privately educated poshos in the Labour Party. Tory party is self explanatory….

  17. Just been over to Tim Newman’s place.

    Slightly more comprehensive and intelligent make on what I was sort of perceiving.

    Nice one Tim!

  18. “Sixtus”: guess it’s easier for Catholics to number their kids instead of naming them.

    There are three pope-saints called sixtus. Plus a couple of other non-pope saints. It’s a Catholic thing

  19. Oh, Harriet , eh?

    The drunk who drove away from the scene of an accident where she drove into several cars while pissed?

    And the Old Bill tacitly ignored the fact?

    I hang on every word she says. Well, I’m sure “hang” is in my thoughts somewhere…

  20. Is that the Harriet Harman who used to work on behalf of pederasts, or is she not relation?

    “I can’t side with anyone who calls his kid Sixtus”: I can’t side with anyone who refers to a child as a kid.

  21. JRM is highly unlikely to be Leader of his party. He knows that his views would be a divisive. Moreover, I believe he thinks that he can have more influence on events as a backbencher and on select committees, so I think he would decline any offer of ministerial office – which would be an attempt to gag him.

    I see Moggmomentum as a Silly Season story exaggerated by the brexit-loathing media — the implicit message being that brexiteers are eccentric rich reactionaries….

  22. TUT: Well, I’m sure “hang” is in my thoughts somewhere…

    Not just your thoughts: almost by definition like your permanent state!

  23. “MPs who were new parents should be allowed to nominate a Westminster colleague to cast their votes in parliament in their absence and appoint a representative within the constituency to handle meetings and casework.”

    That system already exists, you apply for the Chiltern Hundreds and the electorate appoints a replacement.

  24. synp said:
    “Sorry, I can’t side with anyone who calls his kid Sixtus.”

    Indeed; it’s bad Latin; should be Sextus for the sixth.

    Although Sixtus is a name (there were several Pope Sixtuses in the early days, and I think a few Italian princes in the 19th century).

  25. While I don’t agree with Jacob on some issues I’ve not heard him called a deadbeat dad.
    Harriet Harperson used to call men (and it was always men) who didn’t pay their child support agency payments deadbeat dads.

    I’d trust him and the rest of the planet before I trusted her.

  26. Is that the Harriet Harman who used to work on behalf of pederasts, or is she not relation?

    Helping out the Paedophile Information Exchange is one thing mate but opposing abortion puts him well beyond the Pale.

  27. there were several Pope Sixtuses in the early days

    Hence the Sistine Chapel (after Sixtus IV – now there’s a confusing name …)

  28. He knows that his views would be a divisive.

    I don’t think so. We’re not in the US, what people think of abortion went largely unremarked until last week. Has anyone complained who isn’t a demented lefty or feminist?

  29. Wasn;t Harperson an MP and a Minister when her children were young? Sounds like a deadbeat mum to me.

    Still, I suppose that it took all her efforts to get her brood places in posh schools (which they did not qualify for) at our expense.

  30. …Harriet Harman is unfit to lecture anybody about the rearing of children….Surely anything goes as long as they don’t suffer, right?

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