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An estimated 40.3 million people were victims of modern slavery in 2016, a quarter of them children, according to new global slavery statistics released today.

Be wary of that number, this includes a very wide definition indeed. However:

The 2017 Estimates of Modern Slavery report calculates that of 24.9 million victims of forced labour, 16 million are thought to be in the private economy, 4.8 million in forced sexual exploitation and 4.1 million in state-sponsored forced labour including mandatory military conscription and agricultural work.

Conscription is slavery. Those who advocate mandatory national youth schemes and the like should take note.

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  1. “The research was carried out as part of the drive to meet the sustainable development goal on slavery, which calls for the eradication of all forms of slavery, human trafficking and child labour.”

    The Donald will have to get an adult to mow the White House lawn then?

  2. Conscription is slavery. Those who advocate mandatory national youth schemes and the like should take note.

    Ah, that will be different because the Tribe will be advocating it. Anything the Tribe advocates is, by definition, Good and Progressive. Anyone who disagrees is a Nazi and can be beaten up.

  3. There was an epic mumble mumble on this one this morning. Apparently this number also includes forced marriages. You can make a jolly good case for including that in your slavery numbers, but you might find that you’ll have some tricky discussions with supporters of our vibrant community when you propose means to tackle the problem…

  4. “Conscription is slavery.” Back when there was a lot of slavery there was a vocabulary to distinguish such things as slavery, indentured labour, pressed men, corvée, serfs, prisoners sentenced to hard labour, and so on. I’m not saying it was always used with precision but at least the principle that distinctions were worth making was recognised.

  5. “Conscription is slavery” is an abuse of language worthy of the left. As dearieme rather tactfully observes above, there are important distinctions to be made here. Your formulaic slogan coarsens thought and diminishes expression.

    A club that grants its members rights expects those members to abide by its rules, as a duty. In civil society, this means that rights entail duties – and those duties can reasonably include some form of compulsory but time-limited communal service (with various options), particularly for those too young to contribute (yet) through taxation. If you don’t like the idea of compulsory service, you are free to leave and join another society.

    Of course, you can follow Nozick here and argue that both conscription and taxation are slavery…but I suspect that would be inconsistent with some of your other views, eg on Pigouvian taxes. However, if compulsory community service is slavery, then I fail to see how taxation is not slavery, too.

    And, more generally, the snowflake problem arises because so many young (and not so young!) people want their rights, but don’t want to contribute to wider society. Freeriders are parasites.

  6. This country made its mark in the world without need of conscription. Until we got involved in the Eurotrash wars and Continental disasters of the 20th century. And imported a shit-load of bad ideas from said C-trash.

    Excluding the press gang –which ceased in the early 19th century–the King’s Shilling was good enough for this nation and still is.

    It would work better if still if we get away from being a socialistic shithole.

    Piss on all conscription and conscriptors (nothing personal Theo).

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