But it’s not illegal in the first place

Harriet Harman has accused two major unions of “legitimising exploitation” after they backed the decriminalisation of sex work.

Certain aspects of it are – soliciting, brothel keeping and working. But the work itself is entirely legal.

As ever, it’s odd to have a woman who appeared to support paedophilia, sex with those who cannot consent, opposing consensual sex among adults.

29 thoughts on “But it’s not illegal in the first place”

  1. The gnomes of Brussels even increased the annual tribute to account for the contribution of sex work to GDP, so it must be legal.

  2. KL

    The domination services provided by the gnomes of Brussels are very expensive, but remoaning masochists always want more pain and submission.

  3. “One critic argued that the New Zealand model would mean women could set up small brothels without any registration. She said: “That is the model you want for this country: to bring prostitution to every street corner so all our daughters can choose to work there. What about the right of women not to be prostituted?”…”

    If they choose to work there, what’s the problem? I thought a woman had every right to make her own choices?

  4. @JuliaM

    I like the ‘What about the right of women not to be prostituted’. I’m busy thinking up other rights ‘to not’ be somethinged that someone should pass laws to protect.

  5. I foolishly thought drugs were illegal, but I now realise the state is in fact vigorously enforcing my right not to take drugs.

  6. The irony of the situation is that feminism boosts prostitution. Promoting more women to be independent leads to women valuing the short term sex/money trade of prostitution over the long term sex/money trade of marrying or cohabiting.

    When women are in their early 20s, they’re probably getting much more value from being on the game than finding a good man, if they’re attractive.

  7. Don’t join the TUC…Given the length of your profession’s heritage you really should demand a livery company.

  8. Andrew C-“Women are strong and powerful and independent and equal and must be protected.”…from their right to choose what they do with their lives.

    If such choice isn’t in line with leftist cant.

  9. She’s always struck me as rather thick, Hetty Harbinger. Maybe you can’t reasonably expect intellectual consistency from her. Or intellectual anything, really.

  10. Julia: If I meant cunt I’d say cunt but perhaps the topic matter itself reached into the subconscious storehouse of words and brought up a near sound-alike.

  11. Also this isn’t a family blog unless its the Adams family you mean.

    Which would make Tim Gomez and you –as the most frequent female commenter–Morticia.

    With me as Lurch and DBC Read as Uncle Fester.

  12. Steve Sailor likes to talk about female journalists focusing on how societal norms should be changed to make the journalist in question be considered more attractive.

    I guess this fits- I’m sure pedophiles probably have warped enough tastes to have considered Harperson rapeable when she was but a little Hargirl.

  13. Chartered Institute of Whores? Royal College of Prostitution? Prostitution Society of London? British Prostitution Society? Sexual Workers Party (SWP – just to confuse)? Union of Transexual Whores and Allied Trades (U-TWAT)? National Union of Mingeworkers (NUM)? British Association of … one might go on forever.

  14. dearieme,

    “She’s always struck me as rather thick, Hetty Harbinger.”

    She used “Harriet” and “Harman” as user name and password to her website.

  15. English Collective of Prostitutes already exists, which is functionally essentially a trade union. No idea if there are Welsh, Scottish, Irish equivalents, ECP are always the ones on the news.

  16. When did trade unions become defenders of individual freedom against ideologically-obsessed politicans?

    Oh sorry – I just remembered, they originally were. Nice to see the flame still burns occasionally (although that’s probably a premium service, only delivered by specialists, in this context).

  17. Bloke in North Dorset

    To be fair I think this is one of those cases where the two sides are talking past each other to some extent.

    About these parts we see women who make an informed choice about what they will do and we believe that they have the right to choose their own route from majority to their grave. Its their bodies after all.

    Harriet Harman (is she pitching to be our own version of Hilary?) only sees women at the bottom of the social structure for whom prostitution is a last resort. Perhaps they have abusive boyfriends pushing them in to or drug habits that need feeding. I’m sure there are some tragic cases but no idea how many.

    Of course her typically leftist solutions is to ban it for everyone and criminalise the patriarchy, rather than believe that some women can make informed choices, except when it comes to abortion. Most here think that in those tragic cases the expensive welfare state we pay for should step in.

    She really is a cant.

  18. I guess this fits- I’m sure pedophiles probably have warped enough tastes to have considered Harperson rapeable when she was but a little Hargirl.

    You obviously don’t remember her from her days as the student activist at the Grunwick strike. She still had the St. Paul’s Girls School accent, undiluted by the need to appeal to the hoi polloi.

    She’s more Estuary nowadays. Still as thick as two short planks though, for all her education.

  19. John Galt: I guess she was not too munted in the face and not grossly fat at that point. Probably looked better in a mink coat at 16, tho.

  20. I guess she was not too munted in the face and not grossly fat at that point. Probably looked better in a mink coat at 16, tho.

    Posh totty with a taste for East End rough? It’s a tale as old as time…

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