Caribbean hurricanes – a little bet

So, think this is a worthwhile bet?

The standard of living in Puerto Rico after two hurricanes is higher than that in Cuba before any hurricanes this year.

Yes, including PR’s near total loss of power.


Nevertheless, in some of the worst-hit areas of the capital the operation was impressive and, government propaganda aside, the truth is that much of Cuba is getting back to normal after the devastating storm.

It’s that “normal” which is under discussion…..

Puerto Rico is an island mired in debt. Its crippling financial crisis is not recent, it has been happening for the past decade. Investment in infrastructure has not been seen in years, one long-term resident told me.
If so, the economic chickens have come home to roost in the most terrible of ways.

Quite, but which is worse?

11 thoughts on “Caribbean hurricanes – a little bet”

  1. Healthy decision Tim. The words are well chosen.

    Off topic, but am enjoying seeing Rafa & Roger playing doubles in the Laver Cup.

  2. Bloke in North Dorset

    “It’s that “normal” which is under discussion…..”

    When Castro died we had a long discussion on one of the sailing forums. Apparently it’s a great place and despite persecuting gays, having rationing, poor healthcare for locals, lack of general freedoms, usw, it’s a great place because the infant mortality rate is marginally better than the USA’s.

    The world has gone mad when it comes to Cuba. Funny how they don’t have boat loads of lefties demanding to live there.

  3. Bloke in North Dorset

    PS before anyone goes off on one I’m well aware that in Cuba a metric has become a target and that doctors are jailed for not meeting it. So anyone who believes at stat really is a useful idiot.

  4. @BiND – it’s always worth discussing the Cuban attitude to perinatal mortality (for example, infant deaths for any reason within, I think, 30 days is reported as stillbirth) and the cheerful attitude to letting disabled babies die in this period. My understanding is that the infant mortality rate as reported is indeed lower than the US but the “stillbirth” rate is horrific,

  5. Wiki has Puerto Rico’s PPP per capita GDP at $35000, which puts it among the richest countries in the world. Cuba: maximum income is $29 a month for most people. So there’s not much argument to be had.

  6. ‘In Cuba, brigades of emergency services, hordes of police and firemen, as well as thousands of state employees, were in the streets of Havana from the moment it was safe to be out.

    Despite the lack of adequate materials, teams with chainsaws arrived to remove the worst of the felled trees and clear much of the debris.’

    Here, north of Cuba, we have our own chainsaws. And trucks. After a storm, we clean up the mess. How odd to think of government as who cleans up after storms. And where it is apparently their duty, they are praised for it.

    Liberalism is a mental disorder.

  7. It”s a wonderful ability of the left to cherry pick single aspects from different vaguely or actually socialist countries while ignoring everything else and cobble together some Frankenstein country of socialist perfection.

    Like saying Myra Hindley was kind to OAPs and Harold Shipman was kind to children so they would have made a lovely couple.

  8. There is of course a simple natural experiment here, Puerto Ricans are free to leave their country. How many boatloads a day immigrate to Cuba?

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