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Damn price gouging!

The hurricane has already unsettled the financial markets, sending insurance stocks falling and orange juice futures surging last week. The price of contracts for November deliveries of frozen orange juice concentrate spiked as investors feared the worst after the destruction Irma wrought in the Caribbean.

13 thoughts on “Damn price gouging!”

  1. At least it will ensure that someone makes more orange juice for November delivery! Won’t It??

    (Yeah I grok it will spread supply and have a rationing effect).

  2. As to supply, well, yes, it will. There are multitudes of Algarve groves that no one has bothered to pick (except that minimum required to gain subsidies) for years….

  3. So the untended oranges will be ripe at the right time, will meet Federal Regulations, and there is juicing capacity standing idle.

    This is surely one thing for which the high price is a reflection of having less of it, rather than stimulating supply at implausibly shoet notice. Eyewatering prices for truffles have not got production back to 1900 levels either, despite massive incentives to do so

  4. Most people don’t eat truffles. It is a well-off ponce type product with a very small market mostly of a small number of gourmands and a slightly large number of poseurs.

    Chocolate truffles perhaps.

  5. @Chris, in the late 19th century most truffles were indeed cultivated*, now most are picked wild.

    * Charles Ranhofer’s fascinating cookbook, possibly the most decadent ever written, is infamous for starting recipes with phrases like “Stuff a chicken with a pound of truffles”.

  6. It could be that the marginal supplier is now Brazilian instead of Floridan so the price needs to go up by the cost of shipping from Rio or Bahia.

  7. @Fecks,

    They aren’t poncey – the best way to serve is plain as possible. In mashed potato is good.

    Anyone doing Truffes a la farci de quenelles a la bla bla bla should be shot for wasting them.

  8. And you can get the poseur effect by using effectively free tuber aestivum and getting the flavour from some synthetic oil.

  9. @porzellankuh,

    Anyone who can’t spot an obvious piss take should be shot for crimes against humor.

    Trust a German to nitpick a weak joke.

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