Don’t think so somehow

Farage, who resigned from Ukip in the wake of Britain’s 2016 vote to leave the European Union,

No Guardian, no.

2 thoughts on “Don’t think so somehow”

  1. Technically Nigel did leave after the referendum although the article doesn’t mention that he only left after he had won.

    ‘One recent poll, carried out on behalf of public broadcaster ZDF, showed 84% of the German public opposed the EU making concessions to Great Britain during the current negotiations.’

    In a completely unrepresentative sample of the Great British public,
    98% (irrespective of referendum vote) opposed any concessions to the EU (voluntarily expressed as ‘those bloody europeans) and a full 105% said there would be ‘hell to pay if any concessions whatsoever were given to the soddin’ Frogs or Krauts’.

    Read into this what you will.

  2. Nige is a cross-bencher in EU parliament then?

    Perhaps the Groan ran out of “i” after excessive use of CiF

    Their editorial rules writer used next vowel and specified FoF – Free of Facts

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