Anne Perkins manages that rarity in The Guardian: a piece with a headline which is true. She complains that Ryanair isn’t just an airline, “it’s a parable for our greedy times”. And indeed it is. Although not quite in the way she thinks, of course.

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  1. “…at no cost to anyone else” isn’t quite true though. Often enough, Ryanair effectively charges the airport for the privilege of having their planes land there. They’ve even cooked up such a deal at Frankfurt airport (highest landing charges in Europe) much to Lufthansa’s annoyance.

    When the deal’s up they’ll threaten to pull all the traffic unless they get another sweetheart.

    To the extent that they’ve created a humungous new market for themselves, flying from one underused airstrip in a muddy field to another so you can have an apparently cheap flight between two expensive cab rides, good on them. When it starts cannibalising what’s left of the network airlines, who rely on their low margin (in fact, per-seat loss-making) passengers to bring the marginal revenue on which they can break even, we’re all worse off.

  2. They’ve even cooked up such a deal at Frankfurt airport

    I hadn’t heard about that one. Does that mean an end of flights to Where-the-hell-is-Hahn?

  3. I am continously amazed that people keep assessing the cost of travelling somewhere by air by just the airfare part. In the summer I had a choice between £3.40 to the bus station plus £15 to Manchester Airport plus £34 RyanAir to Dublin, or £3.40 to the train station plus £40 for the ferrytrain to Dublin. My nephews’ auntie kept saying: get the ‘plane, it’s cheaper.

  4. I used (c.2000) to have a client in Aarhus. The only direct flight from the UK (then and AFAIK now) was a Ryanair from Stansted. The fare was always £22, but it was an 07:00 out and 22:00, back so public transport to the airport wasn’t an option. And the taxi cost £100 to Stansted and DKr500 to Aarhus (each way). Still cheaper than a Copenhagen flight from Heathrow, though 🙂

  5. @Chris,

    That is a killer day.

    And it’s not as if there’s another one going in an hour or two.
    If your morning flight is cancelled you can have one next week or fuck off or fill in a 38-page form to eventually get a refund minus spurious handling charge. And no you can’t have any money back for the evening flight because all flights are one way and it’s your responsibility to get to the airport.

    Other than when the entire network collapses, the legacy carriers still handle cancellations and delays brilliantly, often with a lot of goodwill thrown in.

  6. @BiG
    I never tried it in one day (thankfully!), usually a few day visit. Ryanair punctuality and reliability is much better than average, helped by the fact that they visit so many lightly-used airports. You’re much less likely to encounter ground delays in Hahn than in Frankfurt.

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